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Portland VA Medical Center Continuing Education

April 22, 2014 - Portland VA Medical Center, Building 101, Room 109

Title: HIV Management: A Review of the Pharmacology of Antiretroviral
Speakers: Long Do, Pharm.D.
UAN: 0036-9999-14-005-L02-P


2014 OSPA Lane County Mid-Winter CE Seminar

February 22, 2014 -- Hilton Eugene & Conference Center -- Eugene, Oregon

Title: Oregon PDMP in 2014
Speakers:Todd Beran
UAN: 0036-9999-14-100-L03-P

Title: Veterinary Pharmacy Practice: The Regulatory, Operation, and Clinical Activity
Speakers:Mark McConnell, BVMS, MRCVS; Laura Hysen, RPh; Brian Bowers, PharmD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-101-L04-P

Title: Update on Drug Safety, "How to Strike a Balance"
Speakers:Ali Olyaei, PharmD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-102-L04-P

Title: Cultural Competence and Preventing Health Disparities
Speakers:Natalea Suchy, PharmD, BCACP
UAN: 0036-9999-14-103-L04-P

Title: Biosimilars Overview
Speakers:Sundar Ramanan, PhD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-104-L01-P

February 23, 2014 -- Hilton Eugene & Conference Center -- Eugene, Oregon

Title: Physical Therapy: Not a Tough Pill to Swallow
Speakers:Laura Hoffman, MSPT, STC, CSCS
UAN: 0036-9999-14-105-L04-P

Title: Potential Occupational Health Risks in Pharmacy Settings
Speakers:Andrea McDaniel; Laurie LaBrasseur, ARM
UAN: 0036-9999-14-106-L04-P

Title: New Drug Interactions - Old Pharmacokinetic Principles
Speakers:Myrna Munar, PharmD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-107-L04-P

Title: 'And We All Fall Down'... Or Maybe Not: The Role of Pharmacists in Preventing Falls
Speakers:Colleen Casey, PhD, ANP-BC, CNS
UAN: 0036-9999-14-108-L04-P

Title: Beyond Accuracy - Pharmacy Patient Safety
Speakers:Lorinda Anderson, PharmD, BCPS; Maureen Ober, PharmD; Dan Rackham, PharmD, BCPS; Shannon Starwalt, PharmD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-109-L05-P