OSHP 2014 Fall Seminar

October 18, 2014 - Sheraton Portland Airport

Title: The (Other) Portland Trailblazers: Leading Pharmacy in the 21st Century

Speakers: Priyesh Patel, Kathy Stoner, Steve Logan, and Jacob Thompson

UAN: 0036-9999-14-216-L04-P


Title: Amb-Care Pharmacy Comes of Age: ASHP Strategies, Evolving Practices, and Key Challenges

Speaker: Sandra Leal

UAN: 0036-9999-14-217-L04-P


Title: Eat, Sleep, Poo: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Life's Basics in the ICU

Speaker: Laura Vanderwerff

UAN: 0036-9999-14-218-L04-P


Title: Beyond Opiates: A New Paradigm for Understanding and Treating Pain

Speaker: T.J. Melville

UAN: 0036-9999-14-219-L01-P


Title: The Fifth Vital Sign: A Multimodal Approach to Pain in the Acute Care Setting

Speaker: Lindsie Froehlich

UAN: 0036-9999-14-220-L01-P


Title: Mad Men: A Look at Direct to Consumer Advertising in Pharmacy

Speaker: Abby Frye

UAN: 0036-9999-14-221-L03-P


Title: Off-Label Use of Second-Generation Antipsychotics

Speaker: Benjamin Chavez

UAN: 0036-9999-14-222-L01-P


Title: Clinical Pearls: Drug Dosing Considerations in Obesity

Speakers: Breanne Chipman, Zachary Conroy, and Audrey Wagner

UAN: 0036-9999-14-223-L01-P


Portland VA Medical Center Continuing Education

October 28, 2014 - Portland VA Medical Center, Building 101, Room 109


Title: Not Another Hard Copy: Pain Management Alternatives to Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen

Speaker: Mila Moroz, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-14-010-L01-P


September 23, 2014 - Portland VA Medical Center, Building 101, Room 109

Speaker: Eric Ballew, PharmD
UAN: 0036-9999-14-009-L03-P