2016 OSPA Annual Convention & Trade Show

October 21-23, 2016 - Portland, OR - Monarch Hotel & Conference Center

Title: New Drug Update 2016

Speaker: Natalea Suchy, PharmD, BCACP

UAN: 0036-9999-16-110-L04-P


Title: Annual Self-Care Challenge

Speaker: Roberto Linares, RPh; Mark Della Paolera, RPh, BSPharm, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP

UAN: 0036-9999-16-111-L04-P


Title: Birth Control Prescribing: What We've Learned

Speaker: Fiona Karbowicz, RPh; Lorinda Anderson, PharmD, BCPS; Lincoln Alexander, PharmD; Paige Clark, RPh

UAN: 0036-9999-16-112-L03-P


Title: Moving Practice Forward Using the Legislative Sausage Grinder

Speaker: Gary DeLander, PhD, RPh; Bill Cross, CAE; Niki Terzieff; Jennifer Davis, PharmD, RPh

UAN: 0036-9999-16-113-L03-P


Title: Make the Right Choice Every Time

Speaker: Stephanie Somanchi, MBA, PhD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-114-L04-P


Title: Current Issues in the Business of Pharmacy

Speaker: Joshua Free, PharmD, MBA

UAN: 0036-0000-16-115-L04-P


Title: Hormone Therapy for the Transgender Patient

Speaker: Christina Milano, MD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-116-L01-P


Title: Oregon Board of Pharmacy 2016 Law Update

Speaker: Fiona Karbowicz, RPh; Brianne Effremoff, PharmD, RPh

UAN: 0036-9999-16-117-L03-P


Title: Seismic Upgrade for the Opioid Paradigm Shift

Speaker: Traci Hamer, PharmD, MAT; Sara Westby, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-118-L01-P


Title: How Pharmacists Can Help Support Quality Metrics

Speaker: Amy Burns, PharmD, BCPS

UAN: 0036-9999-16-119-L04-P


Title: Motivating Learners to Exceed by Enhancing Grit

Speaker: Juancho Ramirez, PharmD; Anita Cleven, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-120-L04-P


OHSU Continuing Education (Pharmacists)

October 20, 2016 - Portland, OR

Title: Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Managing Side Effects of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

Speaker: Alison Palumbo, PharmD, MPH, BCOP

UAN: 0036-9999-16-308-L01-P

October 4, 2016 - Portland, OR

Title: Medication Assisted Treatment

Speaker: Melissa Weimer, DO

UAN: 0036-9999-16-308-L01-P

June 5, 2016 - Preceptor Development Day - Portland, OR

Title: RCA2: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Speaker: Seth Hartman, PharmD; Jessica Lassiter, PharmD, BCPS

UAN: 0036-9999-16-307-L04-P


Title: Novel Treatment Agents for Venous Thromboembolism: The DOACs

Speaker: Jerusha Taylor, PharmD 

UAN: 0036-9999-16-306-L01-P



Portland VA Medical Center Continuing Education

September 27, 2016 8AM - Portland VA Medical Center, BLD 101-109 (PHARMACIST)

Title: Stayin' Alive: Being Prepared in an Emergency (PHARMACIST)

Speaker: Johanna Peragine, PharmD; Izabela Chamot, PharmD, BCPS; and Lindsey Ong, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-020-L04-P

September 27, 2016 8AM - Portland VA Medical Center, BLD 101-109 (TECHNICIAN)

Title: Stayin' Alive: Being Prepared in an Emergency (TECHNICIAN)

Speaker: Johanna Peragine, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-021-L04-T

August 30, 2016 8AM - Portland VA Medical Center, BLD 101-109

Title: Opioid Safety Initiative 101

Speaker: Jessica Morey, PharmD

UAN: 0036-9999-16-019-L05-P