Professional Experience, Prepared Graduates

Early and continuing opportunities for students to apply classroom knowledge in pharmacy practice settings are at the center of the Pharm.D. program curriculum. The intensity, breadth, and duration of pharmacy experience provided as part of the Pharm.D. program produces graduates who are prepared to participate in patient care and implement innovative healthcare programs in their personal practice. Over the course of the program, students engage in progressively more active involvement in providing patient care. Students also interact with students from other health professions to gain perspectives required to deliver healthcare in a team setting. A variety of experiences tailored to students' specific interests ensure that Pharm.D. graduates are competent, confident, creative and caring independent pharmacy professionals.

Experiential Highlights - P1 and P2 Years

Students first experiential rotations occur in the community pharmacy setting in the winter and spring of the P1 year. Students become proficient in the general operations of a community pharmacy and spend time shadowing preceptors in patient counseling activities. As students progress to the P2 year, they assist in providing direct patient care at pharmacy practice sites throughout the Willamette Valley, with a specific focus on patient counseling in community and ambulatory care pharmacy. In addition, students complete a medication reconciliation rotation at a regional medical center. Throughout the P1 and P2 years, students also participate in inter-professional education activities with local medical and nursing students.

Experiential Highlights - P3 Year

Emphasis in the P3 year is on the acute care setting in health systems pharmacy. Students complete rotations at various institutions around the state of Oregon, focusing on inpatient operational functions in a central pharmacy, clinical monitoring services on patient care floors and medication reconciliation activities.

Experiential Highlights - P4 Year

The fourth year consists entirely of hands-on experience. Each student completes eight different rotations at different pharmacy practice settings, choosing from a wide range of practice sites. Each term, students return to campus for training seminars as they get ready to enter the workforce. By the time students complete their fourth year, they are prepared to enter any pharmacy practice setting to provide optimal and evidence-based patient care. Self-assessment and continual improvement are important parts of the P4 year educational experience.