Researchers in the College of Pharmacy successfully competed for research grants totalling more than $20,000,000. Below are some of these grants.


Select College of Pharmacy Active Grants

Fiscal Year 2016

Grant Title Primary Investigator Granting Agency Amount of Grant ($)
DMAP-College of Pharmacy Agreement Dean Haxby Oregon Department of Human Services - Oregon Health Authority $10,762,882 total
Mechanisms and Active Compounds in the Cognitive Effects of Centella Asiatica Claudia Maier, & Jan “Fred” Stevens OHSU/Federal Flow Through - NIH $496,448 total
Unburdening US nurseries: Integrating new technologies and innovative approaches to manage broad host range, gall-forming bacterial diseases. Jeff H. Chang, Niklaus J. Grunwald, Melodie L Putnam, Luisa Santamaria, & Taifo Mahmud USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture $2,977,880 total federal
Opioid Analgesic Policies and Prescription Drug Abuse in State Medicaid Programs Dan Hartung National Center for Injury Prevention and Control $397,872 total
Improving Empiric Therapy in Ambulatory Care Jessina McGregor Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

$1,394,124 total;

$479,475 FY 2016

Proteomics-Driven Reverse Vaccinology for Gonorrhea Aleksandra Sikora National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases $3,048,875 total
Anti-IL-12P40 Treatment of CVID Enteropathy: Gene Expression/Microbiota Analysis Andriy Morgun National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases $951,398 total