Medicinal Chemistry

Faculty members are broadly interested in bioorganic and natural product chemistry; biosynthesis of microbial secondary metabolites; and work at the interface of molecular genetics, enzymology, and chemistry toward the goal of creating and developing novel, pharmaceutically active compounds that are useful in the treatment of infectious disease and cancer. Structurally complex natural products are being isolated from diverse biological organisms living in marine and terrestrial ecosystems all over the world.

Jane Ishmael, PhD
Taifo Mahmud, PhD
Kerry McPhail, PhD
Benjamin Philmus, PhD
Phil Proteau, PhD
Aleksandra Sikora, PhD
Fred Stevens, Ph.D
Xihou Yin, PhD
Mark Zabriskie, PhD
Ryszard Zielke, PhD

Faculty members are studying the mechanistic basis for control of gene expression by transcriptional regulatory proteins in developmental and pathological contexts. These studies typically require a multidisciplinary approach involving the fields of biochemistry, cell biology, epigenetics, and molecular, systems, network, and developmental biology. The core has also created numerous genetically modified mouse lines that serve as models for human diseases.

Theresa M. Filtz, PhD
Arup Indra, PhD
Gitali Indra, PhD
Chrissa Kioussi, PhD
Mark Leid, PhD
Andriy Morgun, MD, PhD

Faculty members apply the principles of epidemiology and clinical pharmacology to evaluate therapeutic outcomes and medication adverse effects in patients at the population level, understand variation in treatment effects, and identify methods to improve appropriate and effective medication use. Current areas of interest include: antibiotic utilization, multidrug-resistant bacteria and healthcare-associated infections, medication use at the end of life, epidemiologic methods, healthcare delivery, and drug-induced cognitive impairment and loss of muscle mass in the geriatric population.

Jon Furuno, PhD
David Lee, PharmD, PhD
Jessina McGregor, PhD