The PGY1 community pharmacy residency program at Oregon State University was established in 2011 as a single site program at the OSU Student Health Services Pharmacy.  In 2016 the program expanded to a multi-site program with 3 sites: OSU Student Health Services, Community Health Clinics of Benton and Linn Counties and Salud Medical Center. 



PGY1 pharmacy residency programs build on Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) education and outcomes to contribute to the development of clinical pharmacists responsible for medication-related care of patients with a wide range of conditions, eligible for board certification, and eligible for postgraduate year two (PGY2) pharmacy residency training. 

Our PGY1 community pharmacy residency program will focus on developing pharmacists as leaders within the profession with an emphasis on the role of pharmacy in community health centers.   


The intent of the program is to prepare independent pharmacy practitioners to practice in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. This program offers the opportunity for a pharmacist to: 

  • Provide direct patient care in ambulatory settings, participate in team based health care, and provide clinical pharmacy services in a patient-centered primary care home; 

  • Serve as an educator of patients and health care providers, as well as instruct and precept pharmacy students in various settings; 

  • Gain the skills and experience needed to operate and manage a community pharmacy; 

  • Facilitate interrelationships between, and within, the healthcare systems in our community to deliver high quality, culturally appropriate care and to improve patient transitions between care settings. 




Each resident will primarily work at one site, but will have the opportunity to spend time at the other residency sites. The primary sites for the residents include OSU Student Health Services Pharmacy, Benton County Health Services Pharmacy and Salud Medical Center Pharmacy. Although the resident is based out of the locations listed above, the resident may spend time at other affiliated locations, such as the East Linn and Monroe Community Health Centers.  All residents will spend time at both the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy campus in Corvallis, OR and Oregon State University/Oregon Health Sciences University College of Pharmacy campus in Portland, OR. 


Oregon State University College of Pharmacy 

203 Pharmacy Building, Corvallis, OR 97331 

2730 SW Moody Ave, Portland, OR 97201 


Oregon State University's College of Pharmacy is passionate about helping individuals and communities stay healthy. For more than 100 years, the College has prepared world-class pharmacists to serve Oregon and beyond, educating patients to make sure they receive the best possible medical care. Cutting edge research at Oregon State and Oregon Health & Science University addresses some of the world's most critical health challenges. Through the four-year didactic curriculum leading to the PharmD degree, Oregon State is training tomorrow's pharmacists to be collaborative, innovative and passionate about advancing patient care and continuing ground breaking research throughout the industry. 

All residents will participate in the longitudinal Citywide Residency Conference and will complete the Oregon Pharmacy Teaching Certificate Program that is jointly offered by the school/colleges of pharmacy in the state.  Completion of the teaching certificate may include a focused learning experience with a faculty member at Oregon State University College of Pharmacy. Residents will facilitate student learning in the Pharmacy Practice course through small groups and lecture opportunities. Additional /alternative teaching opportunities may be available upon agreement with the preceptor.   

All residents will also be involved with APPE students from Oregon State University College of Pharmacy initially as a co-preceptor and then as a primary preceptor if they meet the state legal requirements to precept.  They will gain precepting experience as a supervising pharmacist of any learners rotating through their work sites.  Precepting skills are a focus of the teaching certificate program.  This didactic coursework to assist residents in providing formative and summative feedback and in the design of learning experiences will be completed by early December. 


Primary Preceptors: Natalea Suchy, Adriane Irwin, Lorinda Anderson 


OSU Student Health Services 

109 Plageman Building, Corvallis, OR 97331 


The resident assigned to this location will spend ~50% of their time at the OSU Student Health Services Clinic which provides comprehensive health and wellness services to the students of OSU with over 40,000 office visits per year. SHS employs a range of medical providers: 15 physicians and advanced care practitioners, two psychiatrists, 20 nurses and eight medical assistants, as well as a full-service laboratory and X-ray. The clinic offers specialized consultations in women’s medicine, endocrinology, sports medicine and dermatology. SHS staff specializes in occupational medicine, travel medicine, allergies and asthma, eating disorders, and staff organizes various specialty clinics around campus. SHS @ Dixon offers physical therapy, sports medicine, massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition and health coaching services. The Health Promotion department provides health and wellness services to students, including sexual health, nutrition and tobacco cessation. Specialized staff and graduate students oversee comprehensive efforts related to alcohol and other drug abuse and violence prevention.  

Our pharmacy has complete access to the electronic medical record (eCW) and provides clinical services to our patients. Our services include Tb direct observation therapy, oral contraceptive consultation, and smoking cessation. The pharmacy resident will be involved in all aspects of the clinical pharmacy programs. 

The resident will also participate in pharmacy management and clinic leadership by attending SHS meetings that the require attendance by the Director of Pharmacy or PIC.  


Site Coordinator: Jennifer Davis 

Primary Preceptors: Becky Russell, Jennifer Davis 

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Salud Medical Center 

1175 Mt Hood Ave, Woodburn, OR 97071 


Salud Medical Center prides itself on making a difference for families living in Oregon's mid-Willamette Valley. Salud Medical Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center(FQHC) that is part of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic.  Our health care team is committed to providing quality health services and has received a Patient Centered Health Home certification.   

With an on-site pharmacy, medical laboratory, as well as dental, and WIC nutrition services, makes healthcare as convenient as possible. The clinic is staffed with 12 medical providers, 2 dentists, and 2 pharmacists.  The pharmacy at Salud provides patients with 340(B) prices making the cost of prescriptions affordable for our ambulatory care patients at that use our clinic. We also provide pharmacy services for our Pacific Pediatric Clinic that is close to the clinic. The pharmacy fills over 40,000 prescriptions per year. 

Our pharmacy has complete access to the electronic medical record (Epic) and provides clinical services to our patients. Our services include medication synchronization, medication refill collaborative practice, therapeutic interchange collaborative practice, medication reconciliation, medication therapy management, anticoagulation services, and diabetes management. The pharmacy resident will be involved in all aspects of the clinical pharmacy programs. 

The resident will also participate in pharmacy management leadership by attending Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic and Salud Medical Center meetings that the require attendance by the pharmacy manager. 


Site Coordinator: Cathy Zehrung 

Primary Preceptors: Cathy Zehrung, Sarah Thomas 

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Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties 

530 NW 27th Street, Corvallis, Oregon 97330 (Benton- Primary site) 

100 Mullins Drive, Suite A-1, Lebanon, OR 97355 (East Linn- Secondary site) 

610 Dragon Drive, Monroe, OR 97456 (Monroe- Secondary site) 


Site Coordinator: Natalea Suchy 

Primary Preceptors: Natalea Suchy, Adriane Irwin, Stacy Ramirez 

The Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn (CHCBL) Counties provide patient-centered primary medical care that focuses on the whole person. CHCBL are Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). CHCBL’s team of doctors, nurses, behavioral specialists and others work together and are devoted to patient care. The Community Health Centers of Benton and Linn Counties serve over 9,200 patients in 6 clinics. Four of our locations are accredited as a patient-centered care home at the highest level. 

The pharmacy at Benton provides patients with 340(B) prices making the cost of prescriptions affordable to the most vulnerable patients in our community. In addition to the pharmacy, pharmacists provide clinical services that include but are not limited to diabetes, hypertension, anticoagulation and pain management. The pharmacy resident will be involved in all aspects of the clinical pharmacy programs. 

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Orientation is a required, one-month learning experience during the resident’s first month. The resident will be involved in OSU orientation, residency orientation and pharmacy orientation during this experience. The resident will be scheduled to work in different areas within the pharmacy department to develop a baseline comfort level of pharmacy practice at their primary site to be further developed during service component of residency. The resident will interact with clinic pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, physicians, nurses and other clinic staff. Self-motivation, willingness to learn and good communication is vital to success in this experience. 

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During this longitudinal rotation, the resident will build skills in utilizing the pharmacy dispensing software and will be responsible for taking on pharmacist tasks including performing final check on prescriptions (ensuring correct drug, dose, interactions and appropriateness of therapy). The resident will also be responsible for counseling patients on prescriptions, OTC recommendations, calling prescribers for clarification, and answering patient and provider questions.  Daily responsibilities of the pharmacist include: providing patient care by counseling, preparing medications for dispensing, DUR, drug therapy dose checking and recommendations. Throughout the year resident will assume greater responsibilities in the pharmacy including participating in operations and management tasks, and supervising/directing technicians and students on APPE rotations. 

Communications skills are essential for success on this rotation, and the resident will need to have clear communication with pharmacy staff, clinic staff, providers and especially patients. The resident will need a good foundational knowledge of commonly prescribed medications and counseling points.  The resident also will need problem solving skills to identify and resolve medication related concerns and questions that arise on the rotation. 

Common disease states encountered on this rotation in which the resident will be expected to gain proficiency through reviewing medication information resources and/or direct patient care include, but are not limited to: diabetes, hypertension, anticoagulation and pain management. 

Administration- The pharmacy resident is responsible for becoming familiar with the daily requirements needed to maintain the outpatient pharmacy and a clinical pharmacy service. The resident will develop skills to perform various management duties such as scheduling, developing policies and procedures and working with others on the executive team. Good organization skills to balance projects and communication skills with the pharmacy team, medical providers and executive team are necessary to be successful in this learning experience. 

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The major project is a required, longitudinal learning experience to provide the resident with an opportunity to apply project management, research, leadership, and communication skills while conducting practice based research. The resident will be the Principal Investigator (PI) and will be in control of all major aspects of the project including developing the study design and methodology, implementing the intervention and data collection, analyzing the collected data, and disseminating the knowledge gained from the scholarly work. 

The pharmacy resident will meet early in the residency year with the preceptor and RPD to validate that the scope of the project can be reasonably accomplished during the residency year and to begin the process of required peer and institutional review before the project can be started.  The resident will meet regularly with the preceptor for guidance on the project and to insure compliance with established timelines. 

Successful completion of this learning experience will require the resident to author a poster, platform presentation, and final manuscript on their project. 

Click here to view Learning Experience - Outcomes, Goals and Activities for Project 


The teaching rotation is a required, longitudinal learning experience to familiarize the resident with the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and the role of the pharmacy practice faculty member.  The College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University offers a four-year, didactic curriculum leading to the PharmD degree. PharmD students spend two years on the Corvallis campus taking courses that will serve as a foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences. The third professional year is spent at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building developing skills in pharmacy practice. The final year implements all that the student learned through hands-on experience at various pharmacy practice locations throughout the Northwest or around the world. 

The pharmacy resident will complete the required courses and assignments for the Oregon Pharmacy Teaching Certificate.  The resident will have the opportunity to practice small group facilitation while paired with a faculty member for a course in the P1 or P2 year. The resident will also gain precepting experience with APPE students on rotation when available. The resident may also have the opportunity to gain insight into faculty development and life in academia including managing services, scholarship, and teaching through discussions with faculty members and administrators.  

Good time management and communication skills with faculty and students are necessary to be successful in this learning experience.  Confidence in delivery presentations to small and large groups is also a necessary skill for this rotation. 

Click here to view Learning Experience - Outcomes, Goals and Activities for Teaching/Academia

Ambulatory Care: 

The clinical programs and direct patient care experience is a longitudinal training experience taking place August through June. The learning experience encompasses pharmacist-driven outreach for medication adherence, diabetes, anticoagulation, and other patient care services. 

The resident will collaborate with health care professionals to improve health literacy in culturally diverse and underserved patient populations. The resident will work directly with providers to assure that patients' medication lists are reconciled and therapy is adherent to disease state guidelines and work with patients' to address medication adherence.  

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Professional Development/ Practice Management: 

Practice management and professional development is a required, longitudinal learning experience.  Discussions and activities are designed to address issues pertaining to application of clinical knowledge and development of clinical practice; pharmacy and formulary decision making; professional involvement in local, state and national pharmacy affairs; interprofessional education; performing as a role model for pharmacy students; and continuous professional development through self-assessment and goal setting. Successful completion of the learning experience will require active participation in weekly OSU Residency Conference meetings and bi-weekly/monthly Citywide Residency Conference meetings and as well as involvement in professional organizations including student health fairs. 

Click here to view Learning Experience - Outcomes, Goals and Activities for Professional Development/Practice Management 

Core Topics in which the resident will be expected to gain proficiency through literature review, topic discussion, and/or professional experience including, but not limited to: 

  • Practice Development and Management 

  • Collaborative drug therapy management agreement and standards of care development 

  • Business Plan Development 

  • Professional Development 

  • Drug information presentations (Provider education and literature review) 



  • Program length: 12 months, July 1 – June 30 

  • Estimated stipend: $47,500 

  • Insurance: Provided through Oregon State University 

  • Travel allowance: Used for attendance at Oregon State Pharmacy Association Annual or Mid-Winter Meetings, Oregon Society of Health System Pharmacists Fall Seminar or Annual Meeting, ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting, APhA Annual Meeting, and Regional Residency Conference.  

  • Paid Time Off: 96 hours (12 days) paid leave may be used for vacation, sick, bereavement, career development or educational leave. Two weeks of paid vacation, six paid holidays, plus four personal days 

  • Paid Holidays: 8 paid holidays according to University holiday schedule 



Graduate of an ACPE-accredited School or College of Pharmacy 

Doctor of Pharmacy degree preferred 

Licensed or eligible for licensure in Oregon 

National Resident Matching Program participant 



The deadline for applications is January 2. 



  • Doctor of pharmacy degree preferred 

  • Eligible for Oregon pharmacist licensure (will not sponsor nonimmigrant or immigrant status) 

  • Participate in the National Matching Service (NMS) 

  • Participate in the Pharmacy Online Residency Centralized Application Service (PhORCAS) 

  • In addition to the standard information provided via PhORCAS, please be sure that your application includes: 

  • A letter of interest to the program specific to the site you are applying to (ie. Salud Medical Center, Community Health Centers of Benton/Linn Counties, Student Health Services) 

  • Three (3) references (each reference writer must complete the standard reference form; a separate letter of recommendation is not required) 

  • A headshot- Please note: The Headshot must be uploaded in the supplemental section of your PhORCAS application. The accepted file format is either MSWord (.doc and .docx) or Portable Document Format (.pdf).  The size limit for the file upload is 5MB. 



Applications received by January 2nd will be given full consideration. On site interviews with qualified candidates will start in late January and conclude in early March.  

To apply for the PGY1 community pharmacy residency program at Oregon State University College of Pharmacy, follow these two steps: 

  1. Register for the National Matching Service (NMS “The Match”). Note: Do this before step 2. 

  1. Apply to our program through PhORCAS. 

Please note: NMS “The Match” and PhORCAS are separate services operated by separate entities. PhORCAS distributes application information to programs to initiate the application process, while the Match is used by applicants and programs at the end of the application process to determine the final placement of applicants with programs. 

When selecting your designations in PhORCAS, you may apply to any or all of our sites: 

  • OSU Student Health Services (NMS #201615) 

  • Salud Medical Center (NMS #201621) 

  • Benton County Health Services (NMS #201622) 

You will be charged only one fee from PhORCAS, even if you apply to multiple sites within our program. While you may apply to multiple sites within our program, please note that if invited for interview, you will visit all sites. Post interview you may choose to rank any or all of our sites regardless of your initial choice in PhORCAS. 



Click here for a link to our preceptor biographies 



Click here for a link to our current and past resident biographies 



Click here for a link to our 2016-17 program manual.  NOTE: This manual will be updated for the 2017-18 cycle.



For more information about the Community Pharmacy Residency Program, please contact: 

Jennifer Davis, Residency Program Director 

109 Plageman Building 

Corvallis, OR 97331 





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