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Dir-SHS Pharmacy
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Oregon State University, B.S. Pharmacy

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Bill Boyce joined OSU in 1998 as the Director of Pharmacy Services at OSU Student Health Services, following 21 years of clinical pharmacy practice with the Indian Health Service (IHS). During his time with the IHS, Bill was recognized for outstanding accomplishments. He received a United States Public Health Service Surgeon General Exemplary Service Medal in 1992, an ASHP Fellow in 1994 and the RHO CHI Society Julius W. Sturmer Memorial Lecture Award from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science Award in 1998. Bill was the developer of the Pharmacist-Patient Consultation Program, which was supported by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

At OSU, Bill represents the College of Pharmacy on the following committees: Leadership Team at Student Health Services, Academic & Professional Standards Committee and College of Pharmacy and Human Subjects Committee.

Selected Publications

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Boyce R. ASHP should take the lead in developing pharmacist-prescribing guidelines. American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy.1987;44:2253. Letter.

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