We care about your ability to be healthy and successful people which includes so much more than just your student identity.  As always, if you are struggling to manage all your priorities please reach out to an advisor and we will help you find and access the resources you need in order to be successful.  Please note that things are changing rapidly and we will do our best to keep this list of resources updated.  The weeks ahead feel uncertain and present challenges that we have not encountered before but we are still a pharmily.  Please lean on each other (metaphorically since we encourage you to maintain your social distance) and remember that there are many people and resources available to you during this time. 

Zoom Tip Sheet

Student Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about how a particular course is going to be run, please contact the course coordinator.

If you have questions about the curriculum in general please contact Dr. DeLander (gary.delander@oregonstate.edu)

For questions regarding your IPPE or APPE rotations, please contact Dr. Juancho Ramirez (ramireju@ohsu.edu).

Please reach out to Angela Austin (angela.austin@oregonstate.edu) or Eliza Allison (eliza.allison@oregonstate.edu) if you have questions that are not related to courses or would like to discuss any non-academic concerns.  Angela and Eliza can assist with referring you to appropriate resources and discussing any concerns you may be experiencing.

Each week on Monday, Eliza and Angela will send out an email to all students with their schedule of virtual office hours and information on how to schedule an appointment or get in touch with them.

The short answer is yes.  Since all courses for Spring term will be delivered remotely you may choose to move.  Please make sure you are remaining aware of any class meetings that maybe taking place at specific meeting times.  Please utilize the OSU Keep Learning Website to ensure that you have the tools to be successful through remote learning.

As a member of the OSU community, you have access to Zoom as a part of your suite of tools.  OSU has created several resources to help you run the Zoom system (see the link below).  Remember that you will need to log in with your ONID through the single-sign on.  You have the ability to join meetings and also create and host your own meeting through Zoom.

Keep Learning Website

You may change how your name is displayed in the directory and across many OSU systems.  4 pre-defined formats are available for you to choose from, including one without your middle name.  To use the new display name format tool:

  1. Go to the ONID webpage
  2. Click “Login to ONID” from the left menu and Login using ONID username and password
  3. Click “Profile” from the left menu
  4. Select the preferred name format and click the “Set Name Format” button

It can take 15 minutes or more for the change to propagate through all of the systems for display.

If you are having issues with your home internet, see this article for troubleshooting tips. If you do not have an internet connection available to you at home or your remote work area, or your connection is too slow, see this article for options to get connected.

OSU/OHSU Resources

The HSRC will continue providing students with food boxes.  Please keep checking their social media sites for updates or closures. 
For information on other HSRC resources, please email or schedule a meeting with Miguel Arellano Sanchez, Basic Needs Navigator. 

CAPS on-call clinic will continue to operate regular hours:

  • (541) 737-2131
  • M-F 9am-4pm during the academic term (10am-3pm on spring break)
  • This on-call clinic is serving the same function that their walk-in clinic used to

All scheduled appointments will be provided through Zoom


24 Hour Crisis line:  (541) 737-2131


If you are existing CAPS client and have any questions about these adjustments, please contact your therapist directly.


CAPS Website

The ASC will continue provided students with academic coaching

You can text then at (541) 444-5906 or call them at (541) 737-2272

Email: success@oregonstate.edu

ASC Website

If you are located on the Portland campus, you can request primary care or behavioral health appointment via your MyChart or by calling (503) 494-8665, Option 1


Virtual visits are available now for patients whose concerns can be appropriately managed through telemedicine


Behavioral Health is still accepting new patients as normal and they do not anticipate having a wait list at this time.


Crisis care is available by calling (503) 494-8665, Option 1

  • If you need additional crisis resources please call your county health line:
    • Multnomah County: (503) 988-4888
    • Washington County: (503) 291-9111
    • Clackamas County: (503) 655-8585



Student Health and Wellness Website

Michael Matheny, OHSU's Financial Advisor, is available for student appointments for any Pharm.D. student who would like to discuss their financial circumstances and goals.  You can schedule a phone appointment by emailing him with 2-3 appointment time preferences:  mathenym@ohsu.edu.  

Mike also suggests a few financial resources below regarding federal student loans, financial investments, and general finance self-education.








Corvallis/Portland Community Resources

The City of Portland keeps a list of places you can get food boxes and hot meals

The Oregon Food Bank has a food finder tool that should help you find a food pantry near you

Comcast is offering 60 days of free internet for new customers who qualify and will not disconnect or assess late fees if you contact them.  Xfinity also opened its hotspots up to anybody.

Spectrum is offering 60 days of free internet for new customers.  Specturm also opened their hotspots up to anybody.

  • The Corvallis School District, Portland Public Schools, and many others are offering lunch at no cost to anyone under the age of 18

Please complete the form below to request support in the Corvallis area.  You can use this to request things like grocery deliveries or child care from someone willing to help in the Corvallis community.

Resources for Social Distancing and Personal Wellness

Public libraries are closing but you can access movies, audiobooks, magazines, electronic books, and databases through their websites and many of them are allowing people to apply for new cards online during their closures


  • This app is a free download from the Apple and GooglePlay store and has hundreds of at home workouts available that do not require exercise equipment.


  • Orangetheory is uploading 30 minute workout routines daily

CorePower Yoga

  • CorePower is offering free streaming live classes each day

Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness is hosting "home work-ins" that will be streamed live on their facebook page at 4pm PST each day.

This Good Housekeeping article lists out 25+ other at home fitness options.

Since the outbreak of COVID19, there have been increased numbers of bias incidents directed at Asian members of our community.  As future healthcare providers, it is part of your responsibility to not spread misinformation or allow for bias incidents to continue in our community.  


Why Pandemics Activate Xenophobia


  • This app offers guided meditations and mindfulness practices
  • If you're an ASHP member, you can access it for free


  • This app offers guided meditations and has some resources available for free


  • There are several mindfulness videos available on YouTube

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch Netflix with friends and chat while not being in the same room

Many artists are performing virtual concerts and NPR is keeping an updated list of upcoming concerts

Find some of your favorite people on instagram and facebook and see if they're hosting concerts, cooking lessons, dance parties, Q&A's, or fitness classes through livestreaming.

There are some virtual board games where you can play against friends or strangers offered on the following websites:

Virtual Museum Tours

National Park Tours

This Good Housekeeping article has a list of additional museums, aquariums, zoos, and theme parks that you can tour virtually.

We created a fun new Instagram account where we have been collecting and sharing all the happy things we can find.  Please send us pictures via Instagram direct message of cute animals, random acts of kindness, and heartwarming stories.

Web camera

In short, anything with 720p resolutions will likely work for Zoom calls, and adding picture in picture to lecture capture.

Headsets and Headphones

You really need these. First off you won’t be annoying folks around you. Secondly, you’ll hear much better. I have been using Logitech headsets for a decade or more, they offer a wide range of options. Basic no-frills to high-end wireless.