We exclusively serve veterinary patients at the Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine.  This includes most canine, feline, equine, bovine, swine, caprine, ovine, alpaca/llama/camelids.  Additionally, we are a fully licensed Institutional and Retail pharmacy with the OBOP.

General Objective:

This rotation is designed to give the PharmD candidate an overview of veterinary pharmacy practice at a veterinary teaching hospital, which serves both small and large animal patients. The rotation includes components of retail, hospital, and compounding pharmacy, in addition to unique components only found in veterinary pharmacy. Upon completion of this rotation, the candidate will understand and develop skill necessary to practice core and foundational veterinary pharmacy practice, which include, but not limited to regulatory aspects, toxicology, and major clinical applications.

Requirements for Rotation:
  1. Advisement of Associated Risks with working in a Veterinary Teaching Hospital, if applicable
  2. Prescription filling and familiarity
  3. Dosing checks
  4. 2 Major Presentations
  5. 2 Minor Projects
  6. Drug information questions, as needed
  7. Attend rounds, meetings and/or shadow faculty/staff, when possible
  8. Q and A document
  9. Other (when applicable)
Description of Requirements:
  1. Learn the process behind filling prescriptions (SOP's) and help fill whenever not working on projects.
  2. Calculate and check dosing on prescriptions to verify accuracy.
  3. Complete two major presentations.
  4. Complete two minor projects.
  5. Research drug information questions from the pharmacists or clinicians when needed.
  6. Perform drug compounding and appropriate documentation, when applicable.
  7. May set-up student to attend rounds or meetings in the hospital. Depending on interests, may also have student shadow a VTH clinician, if possible and when applicable.