• Express Delivery (FedEx, UPS): Debra Peters in Corvallis, Angie Mettie in Portland

    • Shipping requests MUST be accompanied by an account for payment of the costs 

  • Campus/U.S Mail is picked-up and delivered in Corvallis in the Pharmacy building Dean’s suite. Mail and packages are not delivered to Weniger.  

  • Campus/U.S. Mail is picked-up and delivered in Portland in the copy room

Computer support and IT requests

Buildings, Rooms and Facilities

  • Requests for Building Maintenance and Repairs: contact Patty Beaumont in Corvallis, Angie Mettie in Portland
  • Requests for surplus pickup in Corvallis: See Debra Peters
  • The Weniger-based faculty have access to the Weniger conference room, 345, by Google calendar. See BJ Philmus for access.