Feb -The team gets interview in VOA by Iryna Matviichuk for: Scientists Enlist Incredibly Tiny Allies in Cancer Fight


Nov - Congrats to Anna for passing her preliminary exam!

Nov- Anna gets interviewed for OSU's Inspiration Dissemination radio show Finding cancer with sound: the development of nanoparticles to deliver light-to-sound converting agents

Sept - Taratulas were co-organizers for 2018 NanoDDS conference in Portland, OR (click here for link to the conference!). Hassan, Anna and Fahad also presented their work. 

Sept - Mac Lohmolder presented  research findings from our lab at Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) event, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon! 

Aug - Canan was an invited speaker at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD!

June- Congrats to Hassan for winning the OSU travel award!

June - Look for our newest publication in Nanomedicine! Schumann C, Chan S, Millar JA, Bortnyak Y, Carey K, Fedchyk A, Wong L, Korzun T, Moses AS, Lorenz A, Shea D, Taratula O, Khalimonchuk O, Taratula O. Intraperitoneal nanotherapy for metastatic ovarian cancer based on siRNA-mediated suppression of DJ-1 protein combined with a low dose of cisplatin. click here for link to article!

May - Tetiana Korzun and Delaney Shae, Summer scholarship received the OSU College of Pharmacy Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship!

May - Canan and Hassan present at OHSU resarch week!



Nov 17 - Our manuscript was accepted to Nanomedicine!  Tony Duong, Xiaoning Li, Bona Yang, Canan Schumann, Hassan Albarqi, Olena Taratula, Oleh Taratula. Phototheranostic Nanoplatform Based on a Single Cyanine Dye for Image-Guided Combinatorial Phototherapy

Nov 3 - Congratulations to Oleh and our research group! Oleh was recognized with Medical research Foundation of Oregon - Richard T. Jones New Investigator Award that honors a new investigator who shows exceptional promise early in a career in biomedical research ( see photos above).

October - Anna, Fahad  and Mark- welcome to our group!!!

June 1 - Congratulations to Oleh! He was selected again as Professor of the Year by P1 students!

May 29 - Stephanie Chan and Leon Wong - Congratulations on receiving the OSU College of Pharmacy Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship 2016!!!! 

May 13- Bona Yang, Yan Yu and Chris Lee presented  research findings from our lab at Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) event, OSU, Corvallis, Oregon!!!

May 12 - Our manuscript was accepted to Mol Pharmaceut!  Canan Schumann, Stephanie Chan, Oleh Khalimonchuk, Shannon Khal, Vitaliya Moskal, Vidhi Shah, Adam W. G. Alani, Olena Taratula, Oleh Taratula. Mechanistic Nanotherapeutic Approach Based on siRNA-Mediated DJ-1 Protein Suppression for Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2016,

May 10 - Oleh is the Finalist for the OHSU Senate Award!

Our research, focused on the development of NIR theranostic agents for image-guided surgery and phototherapy to treat cancer, was selected to be highlighted at the Oregon State University Board of Trustees March Meeting (2016) as poster presentation by Canan Schumann.

Our research was also represented in the Impact 2016 Oregon State University brochure in the innovation section. This brochure features “stories that showcase the university’s students, faculty , staff and alumni whose achievements are changing the worlds".


Canan's ACEA Travel Award


October 29, 2015 Our recent work was  highlighted by quite a few scientific sources:

October 29, 2015 Our poster  "Novel Nanoparticles for Image Guided Phototherapy Could Improve Ovarian Cancer Treatments" was highlighted at AAPS in Orlando!

October  5, 2015 Canan, Congratulations for winning ACEA Travel Award 2015 to go to AAPS! 

August 14, 2015 The manuscript entitled "Naphthalocyanine-Based Biodegradable Polymeric Nanoparticles for Image-Guided Combinatorial Phototherapy" was accepted for publication in Chemistry of Materials (Impact factor: 8.35)!!!

August 3, 2015 Vita, welcome to Taratula group!

July 16, 2015 The manuscript entitled  " ROS-Induced Nanotherapeutic Approach for Ovarian Cancer Treatment Based on the Combinatorial Effect of Photodynamic Therapy and DJ-1 Gene Suppression" where Canan is the first author was accepted for publication in Nanomedicine (Impact factor: 6.155)!!! and was highlighted by:

July 2015 Bona and Yan, welcome to our group!!!

June 2015 Stephanie, welcome to our group!!! Tony, welcome back!!!

6/15/2015 Oleh gave oral presentation at TechConnect World Innovation Conference in Maryland!!

6/5/2015 Congratulations to Oleh! He was selected Professor of the Year by P1 students.

5/5/2015 Oleh and Canan attending Research Week at OHSU and giving oral presentations of our research!!! Canan won Student Oral Presentation Award!!!

5/3/2015 Congratulations to Tony on being awarded the OSU College of Pharmacy Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship for FY 2015!!!

Olena and Oleh presented posters on  the 3rd Annual Nanomedicine for Imaging and Treatment Conference at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA in March 2015 entitled “Development of Multifunctional Nanomedicine Platforms for Combinatorial Treatment of Ovarian Cancer” and “Multifunctional IONP-based Nanomedicine Platforms for Combinatorial Treatment of Cancer”

Canan won 2015 Annual Rising Meeting Best Podium Presentation Award ( Ayres Travel Award) for oral presentation " A Nanomedicine Based Combinatorial Approach for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Using Gene and Chemotherapies"

4/15/2015 Cesar received a Diversity Scholar Recruitment Award!!!


Our Nanoscale publication ( was highlighted by quite a few scientific sources:


 MRF Award Dinner










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