Icons of Pharmacy - Criteria

The general criteria for the awards are indicated above. Detailed criteria consist of the following:

  • The candidate’s pharmacy career and/or accomplishments should be truly outstanding, demonstrating sustained and meritorious contributions to the pharmacy profession, OSU or society at large.
  • The candidate must be an alumnus, emeritus faculty or staff, or have a close relationship with the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University. Current faculty and staff of the college are not eligible for nomination.
  • Accomplishments in one or more of the following categories should be considered: 
    • Outstanding patient care or clinical service
    • Leadership demonstrated through pharmacy ownership, management (community, institutional, long-term care, or other), teaching and/or professional organizations
    • Innovation in practice, management, policy development or teaching
    • Excellence in teaching or education
    • Outstanding research contributions or scholarship
    • Exceptional service to Oregon State University, the College of Pharmacy or to the public
  • Nominations may be made for individuals who have been honored three years earlier in another category (e.g., Noel Flynn Award for Alumni Achievement or Honorary Alumnus Award)

Supporting data

Nominations should be in writing (up to two pages), citing major accomplishments, important career milestones, honors received, personal characteristics and human interest aspects about the nominee that support the nomination. A résumé or vita is not required, but should be provided if available.


Nominations will be solicited by direct mailing to Pharmacy Hall of Fame inductees, as well as through solicitations in the BEAVERx newsletter, and on the College of Pharmacy web site. Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, alumni or other friends of the college. Written nominations are due Feb. 1 each year, signed by one or more nominators, and sent to:
Jin Ballew, Executive Assistant to the Dean
College of Pharmacy
Oregon State University
Corvallis, Oregon 97331

Nominations may also be sent by e-mail to Jin.Bynum@oregonstate.edu.


Nominations will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the College Council (department chairs, associate/assistant deans, director of alumni and student relations, director of development) and the selection committee will make recommendations to the dean for final selection by March 15.

Number of awardees

Up to six awards will be made each year. A compelling case for additional inductees will be considered.