Oregon DUR Newsletter

These are newsletters released under the auspices of the historical Oregon Drug Use Review Board, which ceased to exist in 2013 and was subsequently replaced with the Oregon Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee.

Volume 13 - 2011

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 3, September 2011   Evidence Overview and Clinical Role of Dabigatran (Pradaxa)
No. 2, May 2011   Treatment of Insomnia
No. 1, February 2011   An Update in Therapeutic Options for Diabetes

Volume 12 - 2010

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 6, August 2010   Lipid Profile Screening in Second-Generation Antipsychotic Users: The Gap Between Policy and Practice
- Please note this correction for the above: Issue 6 Errata
No. 5, July 2010   Combination Long-Acting Beta-Agonist and Inhaled Corticosteroid Therapy for Asthma: New Safety Concerns
- References for Above
No. 4, May 2010   Truth or Fiction: PPIs Inhibit Clopidogrel Effectiveness?
No. 3, April 2010   Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Atypical Antipsychotics
No. 2, February 2010   Strategies to Manage Pain in Patients At Risk for Substance Abuse
No. 1, January 2010   The Oregon Health Plan Preferred Drug List: What is it, What's on it and Why?

Volume 11 - 2009

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 6, November 2009   Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE)
No. 5, October 2009   Resources for Management of 2009 H1N1 Influenza
No. 4, September 2009   Treatment Resistant Depression - Going Beyond Traditional Antidepressant Therapy
No. 3, August 2009   Summary of 2009 Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) Report of Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs)
No. 2, June 2009   An Overview of the Safety of Methadone Use and Recommendations for Judicious Use
No. 1, April 2009   The Evidence for Psychotropic Medication Management in Children and Adolescents

Volume 10 - 2008

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 9, December 2008   Generic Antiepileptic Substitution
No. 8, November 2008   Transdermal Patches: To Cut or Not Cut
No. 7, October 2008   Antibiotic Resistance Education
No. 6, September 2008   Neuropathic Pain Treatment
No. 5, August 2008   Antidepressant Treatment Selection and Treatment Resistant Depression
No. 4, July 2008   New FDA Law Stimulates Availability of Drug Safety Information
No. 3, May 2008   The Challenges of Heart Failure Management
No. 2, April 2008   Smoking Cessation - Oregon's Free Tobacco Quit Line
No. 1, March 2008   Cough and Cold Products

Volume 9 - 2007

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 3, December 2007   An Intervention to Reduce Overuse of Acetaminophen in an Oregon Medicaid Population
No. 2, March 2007   Updates in Psychopharmacology: New Indications for Risperidone and Bupropion
No. 1, February 2007   Recognizing and Addressing Conflict of Interest

Volume 8 - 2006

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 6, December 2006   Varenicline: What is its role for smoking cessation?
No. 5, September 2006   Updates in Psychopharmacology: Two New Patches
No. 4, August 2006   b-Agonist Warnings: What Do They Mean for Asthma Treatment?
No. 3, April 2006   Updates in Psychopharmacology
No. 2, March 2006   Selecting Antihypertensive Therapy
No. 1, February 2006   New Medications for the Treatment of Insomnia

Volume 7 - 2005

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 8, December 2005   Antiviral Drugs for Treatment and Prophylaxis of Influenza
No. 7, November 2005   The FDA Advises Clinicians About Fentanyl Caused Deaths
No. 6, September 2005   Questions About Cutting Tablets to Cut Costs
No. 5, August 2005   Pharmacotherapy of Neuropathic Pain – The Evidence
No. 4, June 2005   New Medical Research Round Up
No. 3, April 2005   Generic Substitution Issues for Warfarin and Levothyroxine
No. 2, February 2005   An Update on the Partnership for Psychiatric Medication Access Project
No. 1, January 2005   Drugs for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Volume 6 - 2004

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 8, Sept. 2004   Off-Label Use of Modafinil (Provigil®)
No. 7, August 2004   Three New Classes Added to OHP Drug List
No. 6, July 2004   Hepatitis C: Recommendations for Antiviral Therapy
No. 5, June 2004   Atypical Antipsychotics and Metabolic Abnormalities
No. 4, April 2004   Two New Drug Review Programs Set to Start in May
No. 3, March 2004   Use of Selective Serotonin Reuptake inhibitors in Pediatric Patients
No. 2, February 2004   Prilosec OTC Offers Exceptional Value for PPI Therapy
No. 1, January 2004   Oregon Alliance Working for Antibiotic Resistance Education (AWARE)

Volume 5 - 2003

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 9, December 2003   Nonpharmacologic and Pharmacologic Interventions in Alzheimer's Disease
No. 8, October 2003   FluMist: New Flu Option Not Recommended For High Risk Patients
No. 7, September 2003   The OHP Preferred Drug List: What is it, what's on it and why?
No. 6, August 2003   Recognizing Medication Overuse Headache
No. 5, May 2003   - Methadone Dosing and Conversion: Be Conservative
- Two New Mental Health Drug Options Reviewed: Aripiprazole (Abilify) and Atomoxetine (Straterra)
No. 4, April2003   New Use Criteria for Dronabinol and 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonists
No. 3, March2003   Options for Patients Without Prescription Drug Coverage
No. 2, Feb.2003   Ezetimibe: A Novel Selective Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor
No. 1 Jan. 2003   - Generic Psychotropic Drugs Offer Quality and Affordability
- Dispelling Marketing Myths

Volume 4 - 2002

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 10, Dec. 2002   - Combination Hormonal Contraception Options Reviewed
- Lunelle RecallCombination Hormonal Contraception Options Reviewed
No. 9, Nov. 2002   The Role of Advair for Treatment of Asthma and COPD
No. 8, Oct. 2002   Carisoprodol (Soma) and Sedative Quantities to be Restricted on November 15, 2002
No. 7, Sept. 2002   Zelnorm®: What is the evidence of benefit for IBS?
No. 6, August 2002   Fluoroquinolones in Outpatient Infections: Friend or Foe?
No. 5, July 2002   Pharmacotherapy for Overactive Bladder: Oxybutynin vs. Tolterodine
No. 4, June 2002   HRC Reports Evidence in First Classes for OHP Drug Plan
No. 3, May 2002   - Long-Acting Opioids: A Second Glance
- Depakote ER® for Depakote® Errors Noted
No. 2, April 2002   A Review of Stimulant Medications
No. 1, March 2002   - Lipid Treatment News
- The OHP Practitioner-Managed Prescription Drug Plan

Volume 3 - 2001

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 5, November 2001   Controversies in Type 2 Diabetes Management
No. 4, October 2001   - The OHP Prectitioner-Managed Prescription Drug Plan: Opportunities for Clinician Involvement
- Use of Gabapentin in Oregon: The Evidence
No. 3, September 2001   Selected New Drugs Reviewed
- Almotriptan (Axert)
- Esomeprazole (Nexium)
- Galantamine (Reminyl)
No. 2, Spring 2001   - Chronic Insomnia: Misuse of Hypnotic Therapy in Oregon
- Controlling the Rising Cost of Medications
- More on COX-2 inhibitors: CLASS and ViGOR Studies Prompt a New Dabate
- DUR Board Vacancies
No. 1, Winter 2001   - Use of Stimulants in Very Young Children
- Cholinesterase Inhibitors: Use in Alzheimer's Disease
- OxyContin is a Drug of Abuse
- Topiramate (Topamax): A Review of Evidence for Off-Label Uses
- Newly Approved Drug from 2000 -- Testosterone 1% gel (AndroGel)

Volume 2 - 2000

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 4, Fall 2000   - Quantities of Carisoprodol (Soma) to be Restricted
- Alosetron (Lotronex): A New Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome
- Phenylpropanolamine Health Advisory
- Soy: A Viable Alternative to HRT?
- Treating PMS: A Review of Current Strategies
- Influenza Vaccination Programs Delayed
No. 3, Summer 2000   - Practical Considerations for Prescribing
- Antidepressants in Primary Care
- Part I: General Treatment Principles for Uncomplicated MDD
- Part II: Antidepressant Drug Selection
- St. John's Wort interactions
No. 2, October 1999   - Upper GI Disorders and PPIs; Recommendations for Common URIs
- New Flu Treatment
- Antipsychotic Dosing-Letter
No. 1, July 1999   - Review of Atypical Antipsychotics for Schizophrenia
- Prevention Strategies for Osteoporosis
- Warnings - Trovan, Enbrel, Soma

Volume 1 - 1999

Issue   Table of Contents
No. 4, May 1999   - COX-2 Inhibitor Review
- Recommendations for Chronic Pain
- Cautions - Pletal, Arava
No. 3, February 1999   - Oral Diabetic Agents Reviewed
- New Hepatitis C Treatments
- Citalopram Reviewed
- Lorazepam price increase
- FDA Warnings - Propulsid, Tasmar, Viagra, and OTC drugs with alcohol
No. 2, October 1998   - New Migraine Drugs Reviewed
- Recommendations to reduce NSAID GI Complications
- Beta-blockers and Diabetic Patients
- Recommendations for Insomnia Treatment
No. 1, July 1998   Generic Standards and Regulations

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