June 6, 2021
**Please note that event information is subject to change. You will receive updates as the dates of events get closer, so plan to check back to this page for any changes and keep an eye on your email.

What is Convocation? - Convocation is a ceremony done in conjunction with OHSU. This is where they have their official hooding and "graduation" ceremonies. Since the College of Pharmacy already has our mandatory Graduation Ceremony separately, and many of the P4 class is still out on rotations, we don't make it required to attend. Our official Graduation on the OSU campus is where you get hooded, not at Convocation like the other schools in OHSU.

We highly encourage you to come if you can make it; it's a great opportunity to see the collaboration of all the schools and colleges first-hand and a chance to celebrate with your peers across all of these fields. We also host a small, intimate OSU College of Pharmacy reception in lieu of a hooding ceremony directly following Convocation.
Note: This event does NOT replace the College of Pharmacy Graduation ceremony.