Researchers in the College of Pharmacy successfully competed for research grants totalling more than $20,000,000. Below are some of these grants.


Select College of Pharmacy Active Grants

Fiscal Year 2018

Grant Title Primary Investigator Granting Agency

Amount of Grant ($)

OHSU Nerve-specific Fluorescent Im Adam Alani OHSU $151,454
IIR 17-039 Improving Veteran Health David Bearden US Department of Veteran Affairs


Support of Acute and Communicate Di Jon Furuno Oregon Health Authority $157,397 total
UNXX Nanofiber-based Delivery of Co Adrian Gombart University of Nebraska $132,769 total
PHS Improve Opioid Safety Toolkit Daniel Hartung Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality $489,286 total
CDC Prescription Opioid Performance Daniel Hartung Dept. of Health and Human Services $428,660 total
OHSU Review PCORI's Funded Research Daniel Hartung OHSU $47,763
Training in the Molecular Basis of Arup Indra OHSU $51,757
PHS Role of BCL11B in dvlpmnt of th Mark Leid NIH National Institute of Child Health and Human Development $441,000
OHSU Development of a "hit to lead" Mark Leid OHSU $30,000 total
PHS Biosynthetic studies and development Taifo Mahmud National Institutes of Health $352,086
VCU Development of NHSN's AUR data and Jessina McGregor Virginia Commonwealth University $111,247
GBMF Chemical Ecology & Group Dyna Kerry McPhail Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation $1,415,223 total
MRFO Morgun OHSU ESI 11-15-17 Andriy Morgun Medical Research Foundation of Oregon $40,000
OHSU Prehospital TXA for TBI Trial Myrna Munar OHSU $10,595
CFF Enhancing intracellular deliver Gaurav Sahay Cysti Fibrosis Foundation $50,000
PHS Revsere Vaccinology Gonorrhea Aleksandra Sikora NIH National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases $612,538 total
Evaluating the Role of Antibiotic P Gregory Tallman The Society of Infectious Disease $25,000
ONAMI Theranostic Nanoplatform Oleh Taratula Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute $15,000


  • For FY18 OSU College of Pharmacy received in total award (amended and new): $4,913,235
  • FY18 New awards only: $2,203,249