Experiential Education

Keri Crumby"As part of our curriculum, we get experience in different pharmacy settings starting in the first term of pharmacy school. We can choose our experiences, which helped me to get experience in a wide range of pharmacy practice settings and figure out where I would like to work after graduation. I now have experience in compounding pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, veterinary pharmacy, and community pharmacy. All this hands-on experience made what I learned in class more relevant and immediately applicable."

- Keri Crumby, Pharm.D. student 


Dan Fischer"I participated in rotations at the Benton County Health Center in Corvallis. That allowed me to work with physicians and nurses and see first-hand the benefits pharmacists bring to any healthcare team."

-Dan Fischer, Pharm.D. student



Pharmacy Practice

Victor Tran"One of the most fun hands-on experience I had during my first year in pharmacy school was practicing drug counseling and taking patient vital signs in pharmacy practice lab. The pharmacy profession is constantly changing so by the time we graduate from school, I think pharmacists will play a much larger role in providing healthcare to patients. I believe the material covered in pharmacy practice is essential for getting us ready for our profession.”

- Victor Tran, Pharm.D. student 


Community Outreach Activities

Bethany Withycombe"As a pharmacy student at Oregon State, I have created and coordinated community outreach events. This has helped me build my skills as a leader, has taught me how to engage community members in their own healthcare, and has enabled me to effectively educate patients as a pharmacist."

- Bethany Withycombe, Pharm.D. student



Stephanie Persaud"Some of my favorite hands-on experiences have been helping at different outreaches. At these outreaches, you get to interact with the public, perform health screenings, take blood pressures, check blood glucose, or help with immunizations. This helps you feel comfortable interacting with people and puts your newly-learned knowledge into action. You also get to connect with your fellow students and network with practicing pharmacists."

- Stephanie Persaud, Pharm.D. student



Emmalee Thornton"As the Mr. Yuk committee chair I have done over 10 outreaches in the last several months, going to classrooms and after-school programs to educate kids on poisoning prevention. All of these experiences are shaping the pharmacist I am going to be. They have given me more experience communicating and working with all different types of people. I will take what I have learned into the future as I lead teams of pharmacists."

- Emmalee Thornton, Pharm.D. student



Victoria Li"I've volunteered with Operation Self-Care and Operation Heart, educating patients about over-the-counter products and conducting screenings for high blood pressure. Outreach events are the perfect outlet for us to apply the skills we learn in school. As someone without prior experience in pharmacy, I've learned a lot by watching more experienced pharmacists and pharmacy students working at outreach events. You can do lots of cool things at outreaches, like working with kids to make lip balm or volunteering at a veterinary clinic."

- Victoria Li, Pharm.D. student