The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) spans from the 1st to 3rd professional years and provides each student with introductory level experiences in three distinct pharmacy settings: community, ambulatory care, and acute care a.k.a. hospital.

P1 Year

By completion of the P1 year, students will:
  1. Be prepared for experiential training in pharmacy settings
  2. Have the tools to effectively interview for a summer internship
  3. Understand the unique role that pharmacists play in the health care team
  4. Have the opportunity to participate in immunization clinics, in addition to patient outreach events in the local community

*All required paperwork and site visit reports become part of the student's experiential portfolio.*

Fall Term: Career Perspectives and Professional Development
  • Introduction to certifications, skill and attitudes
  • Knowledge and development of professionalism and teamwork
  • Experiential Education preparation: Board of Pharmacy Intern regulations, CV preparation, interviewing skills, HIPAA, etc.
Winter/Spring Terms: Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences I & II: Community Pharmacy
  • Community pharmacy rotations located between Salem and Eugene

P2 Year

By completion of the P2 year, students will:
  1. Develop an understanding of the impact of health challenges and treatment options on the lives of patients
  2. Gain a longitudinal perspective on disease management and the difficulties encountered within the healthcare system
  3. Develop empathy, cultural awareness and patient advocacy through one-on-one patient interactions
  4. Master an understanding of drug distribution in Community and Hospital settings
  5. Be comfortable in interactions with patients, colleagues and other health professionals
  6. Become familiar with basic regulatory constraints
  7. Be able to participate as a team member in the delivery of foundational aspects of patient care

*Documentation of competencies achieved and self-reflective exercises are included in the student's portfolio.*

Fall, Winter and Spring Terms: Introductory Pharmacy Practice III, IV, & V: Community Pharmacy and Ambulatory Care
  • Assist in the ongoing provision of patient care at sites through out the Willamette Valley
  • Focus on patient counseling and immunization services in community and ambulatory care pharmacies

P3 Year

By completion of the P3 year, students will:
  1. Expand knowledge and skills in hospital pharmacy
  2. Become familiar with the operation, administration and supervision of an inpatient drug distribution system, related pharmacy services and interactions of the pharmacist with other members of the health care delivery team
  3. Expand their skills in order processing , IV mixture techniques, oral and written communication, providing drug information, patient education and professional responsibilities
Fall and Winter Terms: Introductory Pharmacy Practice 3
  • Hospital pharmacy rotations located throughout the Willamette Valley