underwater coral

Oregon State University is engaged in a campus-wide Marine Studies Initiative, an effort that connects all colleges and programs to the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the world's oceans and marine habitats. At the College of Pharmacy, pharmaceutical researchers and medicinal chemists explore marine habitats in search of chemical compounds and microbes that have the potential to become tomorrow's cures and treatments.

underwater coral

Total Immersion
Diving the world’s waters in search of deeper knowledge, College of Pharmacy medicinal chemist Kerry McPhail searches for new treatments.


Nature's Medicine Chest
In his quest to discover new antibiotics and cancer-fighting drugs, Taifo Mahmud is studying bacteria that originated in black-water ecosystems on the other side of the world.

cancer illustration

Cancer: Unraveling the tangled threads
College of Pharmacy researcher Jane Ishmael engages in drug discovery efforts by analyzing compounds collected by colleagues in marine habitats and other diverse ecosystems around the world.