Comprehensive Contraceptive Education for the Prescribing Pharmacist


Women’s access to self-administered hormonal contraceptives continues to expand throughout the United States by allowing pharmacists to prescribe and provide contraceptives. Comprehensive Contraceptive Education for the Prescribing Pharmacist, an online training course, is now available for pharmacists practicing in participating states. While pharmacists are knowledgeable in being able to counsel women on the side effects and what to expect, before now they have never been in the role of starting or continuing a woman on any form of hormonal contraception. It is good to have a foundational knowledge on hormonal contraception, but prescribing it requires a deeper understanding of how to practice seeing patients and in making clinical decisions.

This training program has received significant support and guidance from several OBGYN members of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and is specifically designed to give pharmacists the tools needed to be confident and successful in prescribing and monitoring self-administered hormonal contraception.

The NCPA Innovation Center is partnering with OSU to offer NCPA members a discounted rate to complete the certificate program. To receive the NCPA Member pricing, enter discount code 100NCPA on the payment screen during registration.

Registration Available Now for the Following States:

Alaska Arkansas California Colorado Hawaii Idaho
Illinois Maryland Michigan Minnesota Montana
Nevada New Hampshire Oregon South Carolina Tennessee
Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia

More states are being added quickly as legislation continues to pass across the nation. Check back often if you don't see your state listed. To ensure proper certification and third-party reimbursement, be sure to register for the course for the state in which you are a licensed pharmacist. If you are licensed in multiple states, please email to discuss which state best suits your needs.

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