Oregon State University College of Pharmacy students in the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program spend the third year of their studies at Oregon Health & Science University’s new Collaborative Life Sciences Building (CLSB) in Portland. The CLSB brings together Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Oregon State University (OSU), and Portland State University in a collaboration of education, research, patient care, and community service.

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at Oregon State is a fruitful collaboration with OHSU—the degree is conferred by both universities, and both OSU and OHSU are noted on the diploma. This collaboration is beneficial to our students, but also to each school, with joint faculty appointments and close proximity allowing a healthy exchange of knowledge, ideas and technology.

Along with spending their third year in labs and classrooms on the Portland campus, many PharmD students also do part of their fourth-year Advance Experiential Program clerkships at OHSU, rotating through various hospitals and clinics at the university.

Our new facilities at OHSU have provided us with technologically advanced classrooms that include audience response modules, allowing the instructor to receive immediate feedback from students. The new space also has seminar rooms, a brand new computer lab and patient rooms.

Learn what it’s like to be an OSU PharmD student from Dan Rackham ('08), who discusses his experience as a third-year PharmD student at OHSU:

"I’ve really enjoyed being at OHSU, especially because of the clinical faculty that are up here, we get to see a different side of pharmacy. They practice a little bit in different settings than what are the traditional settings we hear about in Corvallis. You know, you hear about more than just a retail pharmacist or a hospital pharmacist. You hear about pharmacists who have clinics where they’re seeing patients; pharmacists who have a real strong knowledge base—and the Corvallis faculty, do too, it’s just in different areas. The OHSU faculty tend to kind of be experts and specialize in a certain are and so through our therapeutics lectures, we have them come in a give a specialized lecture in that area. When we do infectious disease, it’s people who do research and consulting on infectious disease, and when it’s cardiovascular disease, it’s someone who’s working with cardiovascular disease patients and so they really know how those patients are dealt with and how to treat them. So, there’s a lot of really strong faculty up here."

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