Contraceptive Education and Certification for the Prescribing Pharmacist

Women’s access to oral and trans-dermal contraceptives continues to expand throughout the United State by allowing pharmacists to furnish contraceptives. Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Certification, an online certification course, is now available for pharmacists practicing in participating states. The course, developed by Oregon State University College of Pharmacy faculty with guidance from the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, the Oregon Health Authority, and others,  prepares pharmacists to take on this new duty of prescribing hormonal birth control.

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Emergency Preparedness, Response, and the Role of the Oregon Pharmacist

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This continuing education course provides pharmacists with valuable background on preparedness and emergency response. It reviews simple strategies to keep family members safe and maintain critical pharmacy operations at work during public health emergencies. The course reviews the legal framework for pharmacy emergency response in Oregon, and describes specific activities through which pharmacists can meet the pharmaceutical needs of their communities during public health incidents.

Management and Human Resource Skills for Pharmacists

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Today's pharmacist works in a fast-paced and outcomes-oriented health care environment. Management & HR Skills for Pharmacists fosters leadership skills by delivering engaging and evidence-based instruction in an efficient and accessible manner. Developed collaboratively with OSU's College of Pharmacy, the College of Business and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, the course provides pharmacy managers with practical tools, case studies and a wealth of knowledge, all while earning pharmacy continuing education credits.

Pharmacists who are new managers or are seeking a management position will learn invaluable lessons about managing others in the pharmacy environment. Current managers will also find this course addresses essential concepts that help them navigate the challenges of an increasingly complex workplace. Pharmacy employers will benefit from improved critical management skills, optimized teamwork and decreased risk and cost of turnover.

Online Learning

The course utilizes interactive multimedia, video case studies and real-world examples of managerial tasks. Engaging material is regularly updated to reflect the most recent research and regulations. Participants can access the online courses 24/7.

Naloxone: Opioid Overdose, Prevention, Recognition & Response

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Drug overdose is the leading cause of injury death in the United States, causing more deaths than motor vehicle crashes. The CDC attributes the rise in drug overdose deaths to a higher use of prescription opioid painkillers.

Providing overdose prevention, recognition, and response education to those who have been prescribed opioids, drug users, their families, and their neighbors is a harm reduction intervention that saves lives.

Heroin and other opioid overdoses are particularly amenable to intervention because risk factors are well understood and there is a safe antidote -- NALOXONE.

Stress Management for Pharmacists

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Stress in a pharmacy can lead to occupational ill health, staff turnover and poor work performance—not to mention medication errors.

Learn how to alleviate workplace stress with Stress Management for Pharmacists. This online, self-paced course will help you learn your own stressors and sources of stress, determine how you respond to stress and develop techniques for managing stress.

Whether you’re a pharmacist or a manager, you’ll gain valuable insight on how different management styles contribute to workplace stress, what types of activities can help reduce stress amongst employees and how one can foster a positive work environment.

Those looking to develop managerial skills are welcome to enroll in Management & HR Skills for Pharmacists, developed by Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy and College of Business.

Patient Safety-Medication Error Reduction for Pharmacists

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Patient safety is the number one priority in all pharmacy settings, with medication errors being the major contributing risk factor. New technology, reduction in workforce, and new mediations, mean the opportunity for error remains a major obstacle to overall patient safety.

Developed collaboratively by Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and The Oregon Patient Safety Commission, this course provides the necessary tools to reduce risk, improve communication, and resolve factors that directly lead to medication errors.  The material covered in this course is monitored and updated regularly to ensure only the latest research and newest ideas are always being taught.

This unique course was developed to assist not only the Pharmacist, but all pharmacy employees, including pharmacy technicians and other auxiliary personnel.  Medication error reduction will reduce risk, improve job satisfaction, lower expenses, improve your pharmacy's reputation, and most importatly, improve patient safety.

Pharmacist Pharmacy Law

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This course was developed by Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy as an optional supplement to the course Patient Safety and Medication Error Reduction. This course discusses the qualifications, responsibilites, and expectations of the pharmacist. 

Seismic Upgrade to the Opioid Paradigm Shift

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Increased awareness of opioid safety concerns over the last decade has culminated in the publication of the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain. This paradigm shift in how we think of opioid therapy necessitates a re-evaluation of chronic pain management treatment plans and some potentially difficult conversations. This presentation offers suggestions for where opioids fit in the management of chronic pain, how to have the conversation with patients about the paradigm shift and how to successfully taper higher doses of opioids while detailing a thoughtful pain management plan to the individual patient.

Technician Pharmacy Law

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This course was developed by Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy as an optional supplement to the course Technician Patient Safety and Medication Error Prevention. As a key member of the pharmacy team, the pharmacy technician performs essential duties in a complex work environment. This course discusses the qualifications, responsibilites, and expectations of the pharmacy technician. 

Technician Patient Safety & Medication Error Prevention for Pharmacy

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This course was developed collaboratively by Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy and the Oregon Patient Safety Commission. It contains a brief introduction by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) and provides pharmacy technicians with the tools to identify problems, reduce risk and improve communication, leading to increased patient safety within the pharmacy environment.

Effective HIV Care for Pharmacists

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The complex nature of HIV management, the advent of highly active antiretroviral therapy and the potential for medication errors has put pharmacists in a position to facilitate HIV management. As medication experts, pharmacists have the duty to educate patients and communicate with health care providers about the safe, appropriate and effective use of medications.

Effective HIV Care for Pharmacists will provide pharmacists with the most up-to-date information regarding the testing, treatment and care of HIV patients. Developed collaboratively with Oregon State University’s College of Pharmacy, Oregon Health & Science University and the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, this online, self-paced course allows pharmacists in all professional settings to earn continuing education credit.


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