The OSU College of Pharmacy will consider transfer applications from students currently enrolled in another Doctor of Pharmacy program who wish to transfer to OSU. Students may only transfer at the beginning of the fall term and applications will not be considered from students who are not in good standing or ineligible to continue in their current program.  

Interested applicants must meet with the Admissions and Recruitment Manager, Melissa Lee, prior to submitting required materials listed below. Applicants can schedule a meeting with Melissa HERE and be reached at  


Transfer applicants must submit the following materials to the OSU College of Pharmacy Office of Student Services by April 1: 

  • Complete official transcripts of all college coursework (pre-professional, professional, and any other programs of study) 

  • All syllabi for coursework completed and planned to complete by the time of transfer.  

  • Completed Transfer Equivalency Worksheet (provided after meeting with Admissions & Recruitment Manager)  

  • A formal statement of interest in the OSU College of Pharmacy 

  • A letter from the dean or chief academic administrator of their current school or college of pharmacy stating that the applicant is in good standing and eligible to continue in their current program. 


Applicants’ materials will be reviewed by the Office of Student Success and, if deemed to be a potentially acceptable candidate, an interview will be scheduled.  


The Office of Student Services will forward a recommendation regarding admission, and professional year of entry, to the College Admissions Committee for consideration, following review of the interview and other supporting materials.   

Transfer students admitted to the professional program by the Admissions committee will be asked to provide detailed documentation of all coursework and experiences already completed.  The Head Advisor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs will consult with course coordinators and recommend an appropriate program of study to the Academic and Professional Standards (APS) Committee.  The decision of APS committee regarding required coursework will be communicated to the student prior to matriculation and is final.