Retooling & Reconstructing your Professional Skills 

“The evolution of the pharmacists scope of practice, including serving patient populations via the provision of post-diagnostic patient assessments leading to prescribing and continuation of therapy, inspired the construct of Pharmacist Professional Development College Resources”  

Paige Clark BPharm, RPh ('85), Director of Alumni Relations, Professional Development and Continuing Education ACPE Accredited 

OSU College of Pharmacy's Pharmacist Professional Development Resources provides a hub of career development support, certifications, continuing education and professional engagement for alumni and students of Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and pharmacy professionals nationwide.

An Evolving Profession

As the profession of pharmacy evolves in Oregon and around the nation at a rapidly escalating rate, many initiatives directed by the Oregon legislature that intend to increase pharmacist engagement are hampered by educational and training deficits in practicing pharmacists. This is essential in providing the necessary tools, training, and education to allow practicing pharmacists to evolve effectively and safely in their professional skills.  Faculty, practice experts, regulators, corporations and individual pharmacists come together under the umbrella of the College Resources to inform areas of content, training, and support for pharmacists.  

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Professional Development for Pharmacists


Areas of patient assessment that lead to responsible prescribing in defined patient populations have enabled the expansion of patient care services leading to increased impact on public health outcomes and increased assess to patient care through community pharmacies.

Provision of Continuing Professional Development (CE) 

Areas of interest and importance to pharmacy professionals including certificate courses in “Contraceptive Education and Certification for the Prescribing Pharmacist”, “Succesful Implementation of Patient Assesment & Proper Billing” among others, have led to more robust pharmacy professionals who are equipped to manage complex environments.

Provision of an MBA to our OSU College of Pharmacy Graduates

Provision of an MBA to our OSU College of Pharmacy Graduates waives admission testing requirements, provides assessment and credit for professional experience, and that allows coursework in a combination of online, hybrid and in-person options, has ignited a breakthrough in pharmacist’s professional trajectories post-graduation.  Pharmacists who also possess the skills and education associated with an MBA are well-positioned to ascend beyond traditional pharmacist roles.  Our College Resources provides initial contact and intake for interested pharmacists.  We assist in the coordination of information, materials, and engagement for the pharmacist MBA student.