What is a Recent Graduate Leader?

Recently graduated alumni represent a generation reflective of economic and practice changes. Internships are more difficult to acquire as a student. Post graduation, residencies are expanding and increasingly competitive; and fellowships present a unique opportunity that is not often addressed. As a recent graduate, you are in the most ideal position to help guide pharmacy students during their journey through pharmacy school.

Mentors provide encouragement, advice, and share personal career experiences with their mentee. As a mentor, you will help students navigate curriculum, internships, and extracurricular activities. Mentors may be asked for advice on professional opportunities as well as developing leadership and other professional skills.

As a mentor, you will be paired with an incoming P1 student prior to the White Coat Ceremony, where you will have the opportunity to meet and begin developing a relationship. Each year, you will have the opportunity to renew your sponsorship and be paired with a new incoming P1.

Mentorship responsibilities include:

  • Requested attendance at the White Coat Ceremony
  • Minimum twice per year connection (email correspondance, phone discussion, or a face-to-face meeting)
  • Providing the college and mentee(s) with updated contact information (email recommended)
  • Annual membership fee of $40, which support the purchase of one white coat for an incoming student

Benefits of Joining

By joining the OSU College of Pharmacy Recent Graduate Leaders (RGL), you will not only help support the future of our students, you will have the opportunity to increase your own professional network. As a Recent Graduate Leader you will receive:

  • Early invitation to most college events (including FanCave, Apothecary Ball, Icons of Pharmacy, and Professional Day)
  • Reduced ticket pricing for eligible events (i.e. $10 off Apothecary Ball)
  • Invitation to Exclusive Recent Gradute Leaders networking events

Who can be a Recent Graduate Leader?

The Recent Graduate Leaders group is specifically designed for alumni who have graduated from OSU College of Pharmacy at least one year ago, and within the last 10 years.

How can I become a Recent Graduate Leader?

You will need to complete a short survey used to pair you with an incoming P1 student.

Simply complete the RGL survey or contact Paige Clark for more information Paige.Clark@oregonstate.edu

After you complete the survey, your $40 membership fee should be mailed to: Paige Clark 203 Pharmacy Building, Corvallis, OR 97331.

Please make your check payable to 'OSU Foundation - Pharmacy RGL'