New Current Initiative: Food Fueling Success

A recently completed survey highlighted the growing food insecurities among our pharmacy students. Our Alumni Advisory Board is tackling this issue and is developing a support strategy that includes building a “toolbox” for all pharmacy students that contains budgeting information, healthy inexpensive meal planning, and that also creates an emergency discretionary Dean’s fundwith alumni board oversight, to support student success in the face of financial challenge impacting their well-being.  

A letter from our Alumni Advisory Board 

Special thank you to the Food Fueling Success initiative Ad Hoc Committee chairs, Nancy Louie Lee ('79) and Katie LaRue ('18), for spearheading this initiative. Please follow the link below to read their letter to OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni & Friends of the College, on being involved regarding food insecurity and our pharmacy students.  


Food Fueling Success components

We named this initiative “Pat’s Crock Pots” after faculty member Pat Chase made the inaugural donation for our slow cooker fund. Alumni will have the opportunity to fund a student with a slow cooker and ingredients for three days of healthy meals. Students will learn to cook these meals in Kate's Culinary Compounding Classes. 

Benny's Beans will include a food pantry in both Corvallis and Portland for our students. Benny's Beans will host an annual Pharmacy Rx for Success Chili Cook-Off starting this Spring 2020! All of the funds raised will help stock the food pantries. The winner of the cook-off will have their recipe featured in the Benny's Beans cookbook that will also raise funds for the food pantries.  

Alum and Advisory Board member, Kate James, well known for her pharmacy compounding (and cooking) skills, has offered to run “Culinary Compounding Classes” each term to tackle teaching our students inexpensive slow cooker meal planning!  Additionally, faculty member Aleksandra Sikora, has offered to teach affordable cooking and help compile affordable recipes for our students.

Donation levels 

These Donation Categories will be noted in the front of the cookbook with the winning chili recipe featured as the opening recipe.​​​​​​

Your donation of $100 will pay for a slow cooker and food for three days of healthy meals for a pharmacy student

Your donation of $150 will fund one student in the “Pat’s Crock Pots” program and places an additional $50 in the “Benny’s Beans” OSU College of Pharmacy food pantry fund, to feed our students on our Corvallis and Portland campuses via our food pantries. We invite all our alumni to consider making a donation—and providing us with an accompanying affordable slow cooker recipe for use by our students. We envision the creation of a cookbook containing affordable, simple and nutritious recipes, for our students!

-Marvelous $500-$999
-Distinguished $1000-$2,499
-Extraordinaire $2,500 and above



Longer-term strategies:

1. Develop a Dean's Emergency Grant fund to support students with expenses as they enter the profession (attending conferences and supporting the ongoing food pantries on the Portland and Corvallis campuses)

2. Create a “welcome toolbox” including information, a lunchbox system, additional support materials and referrals to ongoing support

3. Develop and provide for sale, compiled recipes including winners of an annual “Pharmacy “Rx For Success” Chili Cook-Off” each spring, that will provide funding for the Benny’s Beans program. 

OSU Women in Pharmacy Initiatives 

Rx for Success- "Dress for Success"

Projects which provide support to benefit current OSU College of Pharmacy Pharm.D students and alumni. 

A Look Back at OSU Women in Pharmacy

This inspiring group of women pharmacy leaders and OSU College of Pharmacy alumni have been meeting annually since 2014. Our Women in Pharmacy strive to engage with the College's extensive alumni network in order to bring together women pharmacists, students, and friends on important initiatives that will add value to student and alumni success.  

Susan Poole ('69), Women in Pharmacy Chair discussing the history of Women in Pharmacy with the 2019 Women in Pharmacy Luncheon attendees 

Learn more about Women in Pharmacy HERE

Current Initiative: Dress for Success 

Provides opportunities to assist OSU College of Pharmacy students in building their professional wardrobe by offering resources that will allow them to obtain clothing items that can be worn during job interviews and in a professional workplace.

"Many pharmacy students, including myself, struggle when it comes to choosing items of clothing that are both comfortable and appropriate for professional settings such as a job interview or workplace. Rx for Success and our community partnerships provide a great resource for those students to gain access to clothing experts who can help us learn what is appropriate professional attire and how to choose items that work best for us as individuals." Sami Vosika ('21)