Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars

Thursdays 4:00 pm

Corvallis Pharmacy 305; Portland CSLB 5S085

January 10

Joe Christison

Senior Intellectual Property and Licensing Manager Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development, OSU

An Introduction to Patents and Technology Licensing

Chrissa Kioussi Corvallis PHAR 305

January 24

Janelle C. Arthur, Ph.D.

University of North Carolina

Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Center for Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease

Andrey Morgun Corvallis PHAR 305

February 7

Patrick S. Stayton, Ph.D. 

Department of Bioengineering University of Washington


Gaurav Sahay Portland

March 7

Ivan Dmochowski, Ph.D.

University of Pennsylvania

Designer nanostructures for molecular imaging and drug delivery

Olena Taratula Portland

March 14

Shobhan Gaddameedhi Ph.D.

Washington State University 

Emerging Roles of the Circadian Clock in Skin Cancer Prevention and Melanoma Therapy

Arup Indra Corvallis PHAR 305