Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences Seminars, Thursdays 4:00 pm

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Spring 2022




Host and Location

March 21

12 pm PDT
Special time

Luigi Milella, Ph.D.
University of Bacilicata
Potenza, Italy

The promising antiobesity effect of Gentiana lutea Linn microencapsulated bitter molecules

Note special time

Dr. Fred Stevens, 


April 7

Thomas Sharpton, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Microbiology
Oregon State University


Do Anthropogenic Impacts on the Gut Metagenome Underlie the Rise of Chronic Disease?

Dr. BJ Philmus,


April 14

Michael Jewett, PhD
Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Northwestern University

Bioengineering beyond cells to enable a fair and sustainable 21st bio-century

Dr. BJ Philmus,


April 21

Vivek Kumar, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
The Jackson Laboratory

Intelligent and Advanced Phenotyping of the Mouse for Neurogenetics, Aging, Drug Discovery and more.

Dr. Chrissa Kioussi,


April 28

Matam Vijay-Kumar (Vijay), PhD
Professor & Director, UT Microbiome Consortium
 Physiology & Pharmacology, Medical Microbiology & Immunology
University of Toledo

Interplay Between Gut Microbiota and Dietary Fiber in Liver Cancer: The Dark Side of Fermentation

Dr. Andrey Morgun,


May 5

Allison Ehrlich, PhD
Department of Environmental Toxicology
University of California, Davis

Aryl hydrocarbon receptor-mediated immune regulation links environmental surveillance to type 1 diabetes.

Dr. Andrey Morgun,


May 12

Kiana Aran, PhD
Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)


Dr. Arup Indra,


May 20 (Friday)

3 pm PDT

Special day and time

Kizzmekia Corbett, PhD
Department of Immunology & Infectious Diseases
Harvard University

Beyond SARS-CoV-2: Understanding Immunogenicity of Next Generation Coronavirus Vaccines

Note special day and time

Dr. BJ Philmus, Dr. William Messer (OHSU),


May 26   No Seminar Scheduled


June 2

Eliza Allison, MS
Career Development Coordinator
College of Pharmacy
Oregon State University

Developing an Effective CV for Industrial Jobs

Dr. BJ Philmus,


June 9 Finals week No Seminar Scheduled