Daniel Hartung


Office: 503-494-4720

M.P.H., emphasis in biostatistics and epidemiology, Oregon Health & Science University Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Portland, OR, 2006 Fellowship, Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, Oregon State University, Portland, OR, 2001-2

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Portland - OHSU
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Pharmacy Practice
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Dan Hartung's research focus involves evaluating population level use of prescription drugs using large automated datasets, studying the impact of drug policy on health outcomes, pharmacoepidemiology, and health economics.  Areas of specific study include evaluating cost-sharing policies, drug prior authorization policies, and examining drug safety issues using observational epidemiologic techniques.  He also practices as drug policy analyst for the College's Drug Use Research and Management group.

Selected Publications

Hartung DM, Middleton L, Haxby DG, Koder M, Ketchum KL, Chou R. Rates of adverse events of long-acting opioids in astate Medicaid program. Annals of Pharmacotherapy. 2007;41:921-8. 

Hartung DM, Ketchum KL, Haxby DG. An evaluation of Oregon's evidence-based Practitioner-Managed Prescription Drug Plan.Health Affairs 2006;25:1423-32. 

Hamer AM, Hartung DM, Haxby DG, Ketchum KL, Pollack DA. Initial results of the use of prescription order change forms to achieve dose form optimization (consolidation and tablet splitting) of SSRI antidepressants in a state Medicaid program. Journal of Managed Care Pharmacy. 2006;12:449-56. 

Hartung DM, Hunt J, Siemienczuk J, Miller H, Touchette DR. Clinical Implications of an Accurate Problem List on Heart Failure Treatment. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2005;20:143-147. 

Hartung DM, Touchette DR, Bultemeier NC, Haxby DG. Risk of hospitalization for heart failure associated with thiazolidinedione therapy: a medicaid claims-based case-control study. Pharmacotherapy. 2005;10:1329-36.

Hartung DM, Touchette DR, Ketchum KL, Haxby DG, Goldberg BW. Effects of a prior-authorization policy for celecoxib on medical service and prescription drug use in a managed care Medicaid population. Clinical Therapeutics. 2004;26:1518-32. 

Touchette DR, Hartung DM. Markov Modeling. In: Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes 2nd ed. Kansas City, MO: American College of Clinical Pharmacy; 2003; 206 - 28.

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