A Look Back at OSU Women in Pharmacy

This inspiring group of women pharmacy leaders and OSU College of Pharmacy alumni have been meeting annually since 2014. Our Women in Pharmacy strive to engage with the College's extensive alumni network in order to bring together women pharmacists, students, and friends on important initiatives that will add value to student and alumni success.  

Susan Poole ('69), Women in Pharmacy Chair seated center with 2019 Women in Pharmacy Luncheon attendees 

Historical Display

OSU's Women in Pharmacy undertook an initiative, curating a historic collection of antique pharmacy items currently displayed in the college's student resource center. These items where generously donated by members of the Women in Pharmacy group with special thanks to Margaret (Fowler) Smith (‘69) who contributed a significant portion of the items displayed. This exhibit provides current students with an everyday glimpse into the history of the pharmacy profession and serves as a reminder that they are apart of a long legacy of OSU pharmacists.