1. The P&T Committee meetings will be open to the public
  2. The Committee shall provide appropriate opportunity for public testimony at each meeting
    1. Testimony can be submitted in writing or provided in-person
    2. Maximum of 3 minutes per speaker, 10 minutes per agenda item.
      1. Information that is most helpful to the Committee is evidence-based, comparative and limited to new information not previously reviewed by the Committee and relating to dossier information or prepared reviews.
      2. Oral presentation of the FDA approved label is not helpful information.
    3. Written testimony can be submitted by interested parties for the P&T Committee to consider on agenda items. Please allow staff and Committee members adequate time to review the material by submitting any written testimony which includes clinical information at least 2 weeks in advance of the meeting. Written comment can be submitted by sending an email to this address:
    4. Written documents handed out during the scheduled public testimony periods at the P&T meetings will be limited to 2 pages of new information that was not included in previous reviews. Package Inserts (PIs) are not considered new information and only clinically relevant changes made to the PIs should be submitted.
  3. Any person providing public testimony (either in-person or in writing) will also be requested to disclose all conflicts of interest. The Conflict of Interest Form may be submitted with written testimony and should be sent in with the request for verbal testimony at least 24 hours prior to the start of remote or in-person meetings.

Note: Meeting materials including written public comments, recordings, documents, and minutes remain publicly available online after the meeting. Comments are subject to Oregon public records law and should not disclose identifiable, personal health information.