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Online Continuing Education FAQs

We strongly recommend using a personal email address when registering for any course. If you are unable to access your personal email from a work computer, you should use a personal computer, phone, or tablet to forward the confirmation email to your work email address so you can access the course at work.

Most fields on the registration form are required. Be sure you have filled in all required boxes, including checking the boxes for the Privacy Policy and the reCAPTCHA (“I’m not a robot”).

If a required field does not pertain to you (i.e. you are not a pharmacist and therefore do not have a state license number) please type "Not RPh" or "N/A" in order to proceed.

Check your spam/junk folder to be sure it wasn’t filtered out of your inbox. If you have not received your confirmation within 24 hours it may be you did not enter the correct email address when registering. You must email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu to have the correct email address added to your account. Once your correct email address is added to your Canvas account, you will need to return to the login page and click “Forgot password” to reset your password. Finally, you will need to update your Canvas notification settings to set the correct email as your primary email address.

Our courses are designed to save your progress so you can complete them at your own pace. If the course is not saving your progress, you will need to adjust your computer browser settings. You must allow cookies, and your browser must not clear your history when you close the browsing window. Please check these settings. Additionally, do not attempt to progress through the course in a private/incognito browser.

The only exception to this is videos. Video progress will not save and most videos do not allow forward tracking. If you are watching a video, the only way to save your progress is to pause the video and leave your browser open.

Please note: the system will log you out automatically after a period of inactivity. Even if this happens, as long as your browser history does not clear your progress should save. Again, the exception is videos. If you are automatically logged out, your progress through a video will not save.

It is likely you did not complete all required components to complete the course. You must view each page of the course (including the conclusion page) and submit and pass all quizzes and evaluations before the course will recognize your completion. You will need to login to the course and move through each page to the conclusion page in order to receive your Statement of Completion.

Once you complete the course, you will receive an email confirmation for completion. Your Statement of Completion (NOT your ACPE continuing education credit) will automatically be generated and you can view it on your student dashboard located here: http://pharmacy.oregonstate.edu/online_ce

Continuing Education Credits are automatically uploaded to your CPE monitor upon submission of the activity evaluation. It is required for the participant to follow the instructions on the conclusion page of each activity. If the evaluation is not submitted, credits will not be uploaded to CPE monitor.

It is the responsibility of the participant to check CPE Monitor and ensure credits have properly uploaded (usually within 48 hours of evaluation submission). Please email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu if you do not see your credits within 7 days of submitting the activity evaluation.

No. ACPE accredited continuing education credits are uploaded to the NABP web-based CE tracker system, CPE Monitor. Paper certificates are strictly for your records and do not provide confirmation of accredited continuing education. If you need a paper copy of your credits, you must login to your CPE Monitor and print your credits from there. If you do not have a CPE Monitor, please sign-up at http://mycpemonitor.net before registering.

We have contracts in place with many employers who purchase seats for their employees. If you work for a major retailer, please contact your district or regional manager to see if they have purchased seats you may be eligible for.

If you are an employer wanting to pay for your employees to take a course, please email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu regarding our bulk purchase pricing.

NCPA members are eligible for $100 off certain courses. You must be an NCPA member to utilize this discount. Email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu for more information about the NCPA member discount.

Live Continuing Education FAQs

In order to receive ACPE credit, you must complete a post-session evaluation. Evaluations can be found HERE.

Your evaluation(s) should be completed within 30 days from activity attendance. ACPE Policies do not allow credits to be uploaded to CPE Monitor after 60 days of a live activity. If you attempt to complete your evaluations and upload your credits after 60 days, you will receive an error and your credits will not appear on CPE Monitor. If you are unable to complete your evaluations within 30 days, please email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu for assistance.

You do not have to answer all the post-test questions correctly in order to receive CE credit on your CPE Monitor. The information from the evaluation and post-test is used to measure outcomes from the programs we provide. We ask you answer the questions honestly and to the best of your ability in order to provide us with the most accurate and useful data.

Credit is automatically uploaded within 48 hours of evaluation/credit submission. If you have not received your credit within 7 days of submitting your evaluations, please email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu.

ACPE accredited continuing education credits are uploaded to the NABP web-based CE tracker system, CPE Monitor. To receive continuing education credit, you must have signed up for CPE Monitor at http://mycpemonitor.net

Since credits are submitted to your CPE Monitor, paper certificates are no longer provided for ACPE accredited CE. If you need a physical copy of your credits, you can login to your CPE Monitor and print your credits from there.

OSU College of Pharmacy often joins with other state or healthcare organizations to provide live continuing education activities. Together, the College and the Joint Provider will help guide you in creating and presenting an impactful continuing education activity for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. You will be provided with a speaker packet outlining all the requirements to meet ACPE standards. You can find information to help you complete this packet here.

If you need additional assistance or have any questions while completing your packet, you can reach out to the Joint Provider's planning committee, or email PharmacyCE@oregonstate.edu