Each year, your contributions as preceptors and as supporters of the College of Pharmacy help hundreds of students develop expertise in their professions. The work they do as students on campus, in Portland, at OHSU and beyond makes an impact on individuals and communities, and paves the way for their future leadership in the field. Your support helps the next generation of researchers and practitioners face some of our most critical health challenges.

Our OSU Pharmacy Family!

The College of Pharmacy is proud of its alumni and their many accomplishments. We hope our alums will keep us updated on all of life's big moments! 

We enjoy hearing about new additions to the family, awards and honors you've received, and how you are enjoying retired life. Pictures are always welcome and make a great accompaniment for any news you would like us to share with our extensive alumni network through future editions of the BEAVERx!

Alumni are essential to the success of the College of Pharmacy. We appreciate your continued support, whether it's through mentoring, enabling students to attend professional meetings or providing financial assistance to our students and programs.