We invite you to join with us in harnessing the power of private support at Oregon State University. The Campaign for OSU has elevated us to a new level of accomplishment and has secured a stronger future not only for this amazing place but also for our state and our world.  For more than 100 years, the College of Pharmacy has trained exceptional pharmacists and conducted cutting-edge pharmaceutical research to benefit Oregon and the nation. Today, the College has a critical role to play in the global fight against infectious diseases and in leading the pharmacy profession into the 21st century.

As we pause to celebrate the achievements of the Campaign for OSU and say “thank you” for the generous support of our donors, our eyes remain firmly fixed on our future development needs.  We know that continued emphasis on philanthropy is necessary as we prepare to engage the next generation of pharmacy students.  Consequently, we have identified the following priorities upon which our fund development efforts will focus in the coming years.

Ensuring student access. Many students are challenged by the financial resources needed to earn their degree in pharmacy. We will actively work to increase scholarships that help offset the cost of attending pharmacy school and ensure as many students as possible have the opportunity for scholarship support. 

Sustaining research through faculty support.  We want to make sure that OSU’s College of Pharmacy is competitive in recruiting and retaining top faculty talent – a hallmark of a strong program.  We will actively seek gifts that will sustain research programs and the faculty who lead them.

Our Goals:

People - Endowed chairs and professorships that retain world-class pharmacy faculty, particularly in drug discovery research.  Scholarships that help recruit and educate tomorrow's talented scientists and pharmacists.

Programs - Program support to launch key initiatives, help recruit top faculty by providing research start-up money, and fund innovative new teaching strategies.

Naming opportunities:

  • Endowed chair - $2 million endowment
  • Professorship - $1 million endowment
  • Faculty scholar - $250,000 endowment or $12,500 annually for a minimum of 3 years
  • Scholarship -$50,000 endowment or $10,000 annually for a minimum of 5 years
  • Programmatic or research fund - $50,000 endowment or $10,000 annually for a minimum of 5 years

Learn how alumni and friends of OSU and the College of Pharmacy can support our students, faculty, and programs at osufoundation.org

Questions? Reach out to us:
Anna Justice, CFRE
OSU Foundation Senior Director of Development

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To direct your gift to the College of Pharmacy, click on the I want to view additional options radio button. In the pop-up window scroll down and put a checkbox next to the College of Pharmacy then click the Continue button. To direct your gift to a more specific endeavor in the college, go to the "Area you'd like to support" field and type in either "Pharmacy Scholarships" or "Graduate Student Research Support." All gifts to the College of Pharmacy go a long way toward supporting the efforts of our students, faculty, and staff.

Thank you for your support!