College of Pharmacy Summer Undergraduate Research Program

Department/Program Offering Research Opportunity/Internship: College of Pharmacy,  Oregon State University

Brief Project Overview (1-2 Sentences): Opportunities are available to participate in hands-on bench research in the College of Pharmacy in laboratories that seek to discover new medicines, novel and innovative means of drug delivery,  new targets for drug therapy, and to improve current drug therapy regime for patients.  

Location & Duration of Project: Research sites in pharmacology, medicinal and natural products chemistry in Corvallis.  Sites in pharmaceutics, clinical pharmacokinetics and health outcomes research are available mostly in Portland.

10weeks summer experiences may commence between mid-May and the end of June depending on the student’s academic calendar. 

Type of Work & Tasks to Be Assigned: Students will participate in the full range of lab activities including running assays, isolating bioactive compounds, assisting with research subjects, keeping a detailed lab notebook, presenting at weekly lab meetings, developing a formal presentation of research results and helping with daily lab clean-up and maintenance.

Prerequisites (course work &/or experience): No specific pre-requisites except an interest in pursuing a career in biomedical research in pharmaceutical sciences. Preference given to students who have completed introductory biology or chemistry courses.  For this program, preference is also given to students interested in pursuing a graduate degree (PhD) as opposed to a professional degree in medicine (MD) or pharmacy (PharmD).

Amount & Type of Financial Support Provided:

A limited number of scholarships are available at Oregon's Minimum wage, or ~$3000 for 10 weeks of full-time summer research. Part-time opportunities are available for students wishing to take summer coursework on the OSU campus.

Housing &/or Living Arrangements: Housing is the student’s responsibility.  However, summer sublets are usually available in Corvallis between June and September. 

Application Procedures: By May 1, mail or email a letter (1 page) explaining your research interests in pharmaceutical sciences, any preparation you may have for conducting research, and your career goals. Also include a copy of your undergraduate transcript (unofficial is okay). Please visit our website at to view our faculty research interests to tailor your application. Preference is given to students who have received a letter of support from one of our faculty indicating that he/she is interested in having the student in his/her labs.


Contact Information: (Name, Email, Phone)

Arup Indra, Director, Undergraduate Research Program, OSU College of Pharmacy



Noelle Cummings, Administrative Assistant


203 Pharmacy Building

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97331

Faculty in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences may also be contacted directly by students with specific research preferences.