Accelerate your pharmacy career with an

MBA from OSU

In collaboration with OSU College of Business, the College of Pharmacy is excited to offer specialized pharmacy MBA tracks in Executive Leadership and Business Analytics to our current students and alumni. Designed for aspiring leaders in the pharmacy profession, these programs provide OSU/OHSU PharmD students and alumni, with an opportunity to earn an MBA and gain a strong business background and expanded abilities to lead in any professional setting.


For detailed information contact Susan Morley, Pharm.D., M.S., MBA 


Bringing together business and pharmacy


The Pharm.D/MBA double degree is designed to enhance the business skills, knowledge and practical experience of students in the Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) program.  The Pharm.D/MBA program is intended for individuals who seek careers that may lead to managerial and executive positions in health care systems, chain pharmacies, managed care, and the pharmaceutical industry. 

The curriculum is designed for both Pharm.D students and working professionals. This program is designed exclusively for alumni and students of OSU’s College of Pharmacy.

The Pharm.D/MBA Dual Degree program enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that increase their professional comprehension of business practices, executive leadership, finance, HR, and other aspects of business, empowering pharmacists to lead their organizations with confidence.

The Pharm.D/MBA program provides graduates with strong working knowledge of the business of pharmacy, expanding their abilities in many areas of the profession. From the small town rural community pharmacist, to the healthcare executive for a major retailer or healthcare provider, this degree can benefit any student who has a desire to work as a leader in their profession. Flexible online and evening classes are provided in a hybrid form to accommodate busy professionals. A fully online version is also available. 

Kevin Russell, RPh ('93), MBA ('15)

Outpatient Pharmacy Operations Manager at Samaritan Health Services, returns to OSU to pursue his MBA in order to advance his understanding and ability to lead on the business side of pharmacy. The OSU MBA program gave Kevin valuable skills in human resource management, finance, project management, and strategic planning.

"I now feel like I can speak confidently on many business matters where I could not prior to earning my MBA." 

Since earning his MBA at OSU, Kevin has also found that he benefits from his business credibility and is more effective in advocating for his ideas and proposals. In his words, “Being able to speak the language of business allows you to be a much stronger advocate for your department.” By continually working to learn and improve himself, he is able to use his skills to add value to his entire organization.

Alumni Profiles

Is THE MBA PROGRAM the right FIT for YOU?

Our Pharmacy MBA graduates are well prepared for any of these career pathways:

  • Managers & executives within community pharmacy chains and independent pharmacies
  • Entrepreneurial endeavors 
  • Managers & executives in health care systems
  • Pharmaceutical industry careers
  • Community pharmacists with a broad range of leadership and business abilities

Current students interested in the PharmD/MBA program or OSU Alumni interested in the MBA program should contact Dr. Susan Morley, the PharmD/MBA advisor. Current students should also submit an interest form. Alumni may email Dr. Morley or send a letter to Oregon State University, College of Pharmacy, 203 Pharmacy Building, Corvallis, OR 97331.


BA 528 Financial and Cost Analysis (3)

BA 540 Corporate Finance (3)

BA 550 Organization Leadership and Management (3)

BA 555 Practical Business Analysis  (3)

MGMT 559 Management Ethics and Corporate Responsibility (3)

BA 561 Supply Chain Management (3)

BA 569 Advanced Strategic Management (3)

BA 572 Advanced Information Systems (3)

BA 590 Market Management (3)