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Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE)

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Online CE Programing for Pharmacists and Technicians

OSU College of Pharmacy is committed to providing exceptional, quality, state-of-the-art continuing education to pharmacists through the following online CE programs:

Comprehensive Contraceptive Education and Certification for the Prescribing Pharmacist (by state)

For Pharmacists

For Technicians

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Live CE Programming for Pharmacists and Technicians

As the only ACPE Accredited organization in the state of Oregon, OSU College of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education has partnered with multiple state, regional, and national organizations to provide exceptional continuing education programs to pharmacists in all areas of practice.

These organizations include:

Our Mission

The College of Pharmacy is dedicated to fostering graduates and professionals who will maximize the health of the public by advancing care and facilitating the discovery, understanding, and cost effective use of medicines.

The College of Pharmacy serves the state and region through its programs in pharmaceutical education, research, patient care, and public service. It endeavors to prepare students to enter into the practice of pharmacy as competent, caring, ethical professionals committed to life-long learning. The Office of Continuing Pharmaceutical Education (CPE) serves as an extension of the College and seeks to provide CPE opportunities of high quality to meet the needs of practitioners in the state and region.

The college promotes life-long learning by instilling in its graduates the philosophy that learning must continue throughout their career and by facilitating opportunities for postgraduate and continuing education.

The major focus of the College's continuing education offerings is on the knowledge, application, skills, and attitudes necessary to ensure optimal medication therapy outcomes and patient safety.

We Want to Meet Your Needs

The College of Pharmacy would like your feedback about our continuing education programs and activities.

What subject areas would you like to see included in future CE programs? Is there a particular CE activity you would like to see return? Tell us!

Please complete the online form located here, or send a letter to:

Paige Clark
College of Pharmacy
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The College will continue to work with individual pharmacists, pharmacy organizations, health care firms, regulatory bodies, and the pharmaceutical industry to determine educational needs, develop quality educational programs, evaluate educational outcomes, and deliver programming in a cost-effective manner.