The IPE program is integrated across the curriculum, with formal educational programming spanning the early program years1 and practice-oriented experiences through Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPEs) and Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs). Oregon State University College of Pharmacy’s IPE program intentionally connects students from different health professions within our local community to learn how to provide interprofessional collaborative care to patients and their families. Utilizing the Interprofessional Education Collaborative’s (IPEC) Domain of Interprofessional Collaboration, our IPE program focuses on the core competencies of values/ethics, roles/responsibilities, interprofessional communication, and teamwork.

All P1 and P2 students participate in the year-long Foundations of Patient Safety and Interprofessional Practice course (Phar 711/712) at the Portland campus with our degree partner programs at OHSU. The course has approximately 700 students from 15 different health disciplines, divided into smaller interprofessional teams. The small student groups meet on three occasions during an academic year, for four hours each, as well as complete two independent student team projects.  

The following OHSU programs and schools participate in the course with our College of Pharmacy PharmD students:

  • Medical Physics 
  • Nutrition MS/Dietetics
  • Physician Assistant 
  • Radiation Therapy 
  • School of Dentistry - Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • School of Medicine - Undergraduate Medical Education
  • School of Nursing - Undergraduate and Graduate level programs

For more information on the Foundations of Patient Safety and Interprofessional Practice course, please visit the OHSU Interprofessional Education website.

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Being Team and Practice-Ready

As students begin their IPPE and APPE rotations, interprofessional collaborative care is a key aspect of all their academic experiences. Our goal is to develop pharmacists that are team- and practice-ready to provide high-quality, patient-centered care to improve individual and population health outcomes.

Other student interprofessional experiences include:



For more information about the College's interprofessional education programs, please contact Dr. Megan Herink at For evaluation-related data outcomes, contact Dr. Tanya Ostrogorsky at or 503-494-6567.


1 AY 21-22 begins a transition process to a one-year instead of a two-year formal program. P1 and P2 students will attend the IPE sessions with our degree partner programs at Oregon Health & Science University. AY 22-23, P1s will be the attendees of those sessions going forward.