A letter from our Alumni Advisory Board 

Special thank you to the Food Fueling Success initiative Ad Hoc Committee chairs, Nancy Louie Lee ('79), Katie LaRue ('18), and Entrepreneurial Academy Alumni Advisor, Adam Gattis ('20), for spearheading this initiative. Please follow the link below to read their letter to OSU College of Pharmacy Alumni & Friends of the College, on being involved regarding food insecurity and our pharmacy students.  


Benny's Beans

Benny's Beans includes a food pantry in both Corvallis and Portland for our students housed in our Advisors' offices. Students are able to discreetly go into the offices to get a small meal or snack items in between classes. The Alumni Advisory Board in collaboration with our Women in Pharmacy group is creating an OSU College of Pharmacy Cookbook. The recipes featured will all come from our alumni and past or current faculty! All proceeds will help stock the food pantries and purchase more Crock Pot Kits. 

Culinary Compounding Classes

Alumni and Ad Hoc committee chairs Nancy Louie Lee ('79) and Katie LaRue ('19) have offered to host “Culinary Compounding Classes” each term to tackle teaching our students inexpensive slow cooker meal planning! The Student Crock Pot Kits, available for purchase online at our BeaveRxStore.com, will supply students with all the materials needed to participate in the class. During this time of social distancing, we are offering Virtual Culinary Compounding Classes to students. 

OSU Women in Pharmacy Initiatives 

Rx for Success- "Dress for Success"

Projects which provide support to benefit current OSU College of Pharmacy Pharm.D students and alumni. 

Current Initiative: Dress for Success 

Provides opportunities to assist OSU College of Pharmacy students in building their professional wardrobe by offering resources that will allow them to obtain clothing items that can be worn during job interviews and in a professional workplace.

"Many pharmacy students, including myself, struggle when it comes to choosing items of clothing that are both comfortable and appropriate for professional settings such as a job interview or workplace. Rx for Success and our community partnerships provide a great resource for those students to gain access to clothing experts who can help us learn what is appropriate professional attire and how to choose items that work best for us as individuals." Sami Vosika ('21)

A Look Back at OSU Women in Pharmacy

This inspiring group of women pharmacy leaders and OSU College of Pharmacy alumni have been meeting annually since 2014. Our Women in Pharmacy strive to engage with the College's extensive alumni network in order to bring together women pharmacists, students, and friends on important initiatives that will add value to student and alumni success.  

Susan Poole ('69), Women in Pharmacy Chair discussing the history of Women in Pharmacy with the 2019 Women in Pharmacy Luncheon attendees 

Learn more about Women in Pharmacy HERE