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Pharmaceutical Sciences
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Gaurav Sahay is an Assistant Professor in the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University/Oregon Health Science University in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Sahay completed his postdoctoral research with Prof. Robert Langer and Prof. Daniel Anderson at Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. He received his PhD from the Lab of Dr. Alexander Kabanov at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC). He holds a Masters in Pharmacology from UNMC and Bachelors in Pharmacy from University of Pune. His work is on the interface of nanotechnology, cell biology and drug delivery. Dr. Sahay’s lab is interested in unlocking the molecular mechanisms involved in the transport of nanoparticles to deliver small molecules, nucleic acids etc. inside cells. Most nanoparticles utilize intracellular trafficking to enter cells and even the most of efficacious amongst them remain trapped inside endosomes and the productive sites of escape remain elusive. At MIT using a combination of high-throughput confocal imaging, small molecule library that impacts endocytosis, cell signaling and autophagy he uncovered that exocytosis of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) from the late endosomes was a major rate limiting step for siRNA delivery. His current interest lie in understanding nanoparticle mediated delivery of modified mRNA for protein production inside cells, with focus on therapeutic production of proteins in the treatment of lysosomal storage disorders. The long term goals are to gain mechanistic insights that provide a blueprint for development of new materials and targets for nanotechnology based therapies. He has 21 publications in top tier journals including Nature Biotechnology, Nature Nanotechnology, PNAS, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano etc and has one of the most cited review article in the Journal of Controlled Release from his graduate school days with Prof. Kabanov. He is the winner of 2013 AAPS Postdoctoral Fellow Award and Nature’s Sci-Bx Innocentive challenge. 

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