Click the months listed below to expand the checklist items. Read the items carefully and ensure that you complete them on time.
These are essential tasks that must be completed to start the Pharm.D. program in the Fall.

If you have questions, please contact our Admissions & Recruitment Manager Melissa Lee at

Complete the Checklist Items Below
  • Check your application portal for new student checklist tasks to complete.
  • Submit FAFSA. OSU's code is 003210. You should accept your financial aid package when it is added to your OSU account. Click here for more information about Financial Aid.
  • Notify other Pharm.D. programs that you are attending OSU so they no longer hold a spot for you. You should not be holding seats in multiple Pharm.D. programs.
  • Portland Cohort applications will open in January and will be sent to all applicants who indicated they are interested in participating in the Portland Cohort in their PharmCAS application. The Portland-based cohort provides students the opportunity to complete P1 and P2 year of the Pharm.D. program while remaining in Portland, OR. Most students complete P1 and P2 year in Corvallis, OR, their P3 year in Portland and P4 year on rotation. The seats in the Portland-based cohort are limited and selection is based on need. The Portland-based cohort will have the following in-person requirements:  
    • Attend in-person lab and additional courses on the same day in Corvallis once per week 

    • Attend in-person lecture on the RLSB campus all other lecture days 

    • Attend additional in-person activities in Corvallis as required by Inter-Professional Education, outreaches, and other activities 

  • You will all receive email communication from a Student Ambassador currently in their first (P1) year of Pharmacy school. Please be on the lookout for their emails starting in February as they will have some useful information regarding what to expect in Pharmacy school from the student perspective! If you do not hear from an ambassador please contact Melissa Lee at
  • The college will be sending you a Welcome Box with some College of Pharmacy swag starting in March so please make sure your address in your application portal is up to date as this is the address we will be using! 
  • Submit your Oregon Intern License Application to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. All students are required to submit an Oregon Intern License Application to the Oregon Board of Pharmacy. Click here for the link to the Board of Pharmacy licensing information website. You will receive an email from our program with additional intern license application information.  Please note that intern licenses will not be active until the first day of fall term and you should not submit your intern license application until you hear from our program directly with more instructions
  • Registration for fall classes begins and you will be contacted via email with specific instructions for registration. If you would like to learn more about the curriculum and what you will be taking in the fall you can find that information outlined here
  • If you have been completing pre-requisite coursework and/or your degree you will need to send in final copies of your transcripts. Please send electronic transcripts directly from your institution to Please allow two weeks of processing time from the date they are received. If you will be taking coursework over the summer, please have your final transcripts submitted by September 15th, 2024.  
  • Complete and submit immunization information directly to Student Health Services via the student portal. Information on how to do this will be emailed directly to your OSU email address. 
  • Complete your Criminal Background Check request. You will receive information directly from our program with instructions on how to complete your background check. Please note that we do not participate in the PharmCAS background check process and you should not complete any background check request that does not come directly from Oregon State University's College of Pharmacy
  • Your OHSU U# and OHSU email address will be assigned. OHSU will email this to you and it is not a scam. You will be sent information from our program with additional instructions. 
  • Complete all required paperwork to receive an OHSU badge. You will be sent information with additional instructions. 
  • Immunization forms and documentation must be submitted to Student Health Service via the SHS Patient Portal.
  • Criminal Background Check must be completed. See more information above in July regarding the background check process. 
  • You will be sent an invitation to participate in a Canvas course for our program, please accept this invitation when it is received. 
  • Complete all assignments in Canvas by assigned due date.
  • Information about health insurance and the two waivers (dental and medical) is available. You will receive an email with additional details.
  • Orientation for incoming Pharmacy students will be held on Thursday September 19th and Friday September 20th so please hold those dates! The first day of fall term classes will begin on Wednesday, September 25th and you can find the full OSU academic calendar here. Orientation is required for all new students to attend, and you will receive more information regarding the schedule of events over the summer. 
  • All new students will be required to complete a drug screening during your first week of classes. You will receive additional information on the drug screening process at orientation. 
  • CPR & First Aid - Several CPR sessions and 2 First Aid sessions will be available during orientation. More information provided in early September. It is advised that you keep the days before classes start after orientation open for the CPR & First Aid classes and your drug screening. 
  • September 25th - First day of Fall Quarter!
  • Complete Zero Week Advising, you will be contacted after orientation with your advisors information and how to schedule an appointment. 
  •  Last day to submit your Medical and Dental Insurance Waivers to OHSU.  Refer to emails for instructions and additional information.