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Our program is built on a 100-year tradition of preparing future pharmacists. Part of that preparation means making sure our program meets society’s changing needs. You’ll find distinguished faculty committed to preparing you to be one of tomorrow’s top pharmacists. Our faculty members not only maintain active practices and employ state-of-the-art teaching but most also conduct cutting-edge research to discover new drugs or create other innovations.  Professional education is guided by program level student learning outcomes (P-SLOs) expected of all graduates and aligned with Oregon Health & Science (OHSU) Core Competencies (2020) adopted by all health professions programs at Oregon Health & Science University, our degree partner.

On the way to completing your degree, you will:

  • Spend two years on the Corvallis campus taking courses that will serve as your foundation in the pharmaceutical sciences
  • Broaden and apply your skills in pharmacy practice at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in the new Collaborative Life Sciences Building.
  • Spend your final year implementing all that you’ve learned through hands-on experience at various pharmacy practice locations throughout the Northwest or around the world
  • Gain all the tools needed to become a licensed pharmacist anywhere in the nation

The College of Pharmacy will also help you gain the skills needed to pursue health care opportunities outside your traditional duties. Utilizing the skills they learned at OSU and OHSU, our graduates:

  • Own private pharmacies and provide support for entire communities
  • Manage regional districts for nationwide retailers
  • Advise physicians in hospitals on the medication dosages for intensive care patients
  • Work at mental health clinics to ensure that patients get the necessary medicines to help them lead healthy lives
  • Assist with relief response during hurricanes and other natural disasters.

The Pharm.D. degree program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education and our mission is to prepare the future leaders of pharmacy.