Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition for 2022-2023 per term is:

  • $8964 per term for Oregon residents.
  • $14,640 per term for non-residents and international students.

OSU fees for 2022-2023 are $746.26 per term.  OHSU's University fee for 2022-2023 is $599 per term.  P1's and P2's pay full OSU fees.  P3's pay the OSU Building Fee and OHSU's University Fee.  P4's pay a reduced OHSU University fee of $362 per term. 

Among other services and programs, OSU fees fund or provide access to:

Pharm.D. students take classes during three terms each year (fall, winter, and spring,) except for the fourth year of the Pharm.D. program, when they also take classes during the summer term.

For more detailed information on tuition and fees, see Oregon State's Tuition and Fee Information. For more detailed information on OHSU's fees see their Tuition and Fee Information. Pharm.D. information is on the last page.

Student Health Insurance Requirement

Due to the inherent risks that pharmacy students are exposed to at experiential education sites, all Pharm.D. students are required to have or purchase high-quality health insurance. The default plan is OHSU's Student Health Insurance Plan. The 2022-2023 rates for OHSU's plan are $1,574.79 per term.  The annual cost of OHSU's insurance plan is $4,724.37.

Students who already have a health insurance plan that offers coverage meeting specific criteria can request a waiver of the requirement to purchase this plan. Students that anticipate requesting a waiver should carefully review the waiver criteria and requirements on the OHSU student health insurance plan website.

OSU now has an insurance plan that will meet OHSU's waiver criteria (you still have to submit a waiver to OHSU) and is significantly less expensive.  You can find more information on OSU's plan here.  Please note that there is a specific form that Pharm.D. student must use to enroll in OSU's plan.  For 2022-2023, OSU's Student Health Insurance costs about $1143 per term (Summer Coverage $873) ($4302 for 12 months of coverage).  Please check enrollment and waiver deadlines carefully.

The cost of student health insurance is included in students' estimated cost of attendance, which may result in additional financial aid becoming available.

Residency Information

Information regarding becoming classified as an Oregon resident for tuition purposes is available from the Office of Admissions at 1-800-291-4192. Becoming an Oregon resident typically requires living in Oregon for 12 months and, during that period, being engaged primarily in activities other than being a college student.

Financial Aid Information

Financial aid and scholarships are available to students in all College of Pharmacy programs. Undergraduate, professional and graduate students can apply for aid through the OSU Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships.

  • Undergraduate students may also be eligible to apply for undergraduate scholarships offered by the College of Science.
  • Pharm.D. and graduate students are eligible for supplemental funding through the college and outside sources.

Clark County Tuition Waiver Program

Residents of Clark County, Washington accepted to the Pharm.D. program are eligible for a nonresident tuition waiver. This waiver will allow selected residents of Clark County to pay the same amount of tuition as Oregon residents.  

Eligible candidates are notified of their selection when offered admission to the professional program. Eligible candidates are automatically considered for the waiver and no separate application is required.

Non-Oregon Resident Tuition Scholarships

The OSU College of Pharmacy is committed to non-Oregon student accessibility through awarding achievement scholarships to qualified applicants. There are two tiers of the Non-Oregon Resident Tuition Scholarship available to non-resident students. The first tier is a recurring $15,000 per year for all four years to offset the cost of non-Oregon resident tuition for students with a 3.4 or higher pre-requisite GPA and strong interview performance. The second tier is a recurring $10,000 per year for all four years for students with a 3.0-3.39 pre-requisite GPA and strong interview performance. 

Eligible candidates are automatically considered for these scholarships and no separate application is required. Candidates that receive these scholarships will be notified when offered admissions to the professional program. 

Pharm.D. Student Scholarships

The OSU College of Pharmacy awards approximately $150,000 in scholarships to Pharm.D. students annually. Scholarships are generally only available to Pharm.D. students after completion of the first year. A limited number of scholarships may be available for incoming professional students, but an application is not necessary or required.

External Funding Sources

The American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) has online financial aid information. The AACP website includes scholarship, loan, grant and award information for current professional and graduate pharmacy students. Some awards require registration at specific colleges, but others are open to all pharmacy students.